Digital Arts

Contributing to a more convenient, comfortable, and safe internet

Social Responsibility

Digital Arts Community Service

Following our ideals of “contributing to a more convenient, comfortable, and safe internet”, we conduct seminars and exhibitions on a regular basis to actively engage children and parents in social activities and raise awareness for internet security issues.

History of activities

Participation to “Parents and Child Police Exhibition”
We continuously participate in the “Parent and Child Police Exhibition” and the “Frontline of Tokyo Security Exhibition” organized by the Metropolitan Police Department. We explain the role of internet filtering, and distribute trial versions of our software.
We also demonstrate how filtering software works on computers and smartphones, and we lecture the means to protect children from dangerous information on the internet.
Internet education programs for students
We visit schools at their request, introduce internet etiquette, and inform students, parents, and teachers about the various dangers that exists online.
We provide a chance for the whole family to learn how to deal with the dangers of the internet.
Workshops for parents
With the growing popularity of the internet, there are so many demands from parents wanting to learn about internet security to ensure their children’s safety on the internet.
To meet those needs, we offer opportunities for the parents to learn about internet security and receive advice for safe internet use at home.
Company learning tour
In order to help children learn about possible career choices, we invite elementary and junior high school students to visit our office and offer them a chance to speak with our staff so that they may become familiar with various kinds of work positions and can explore possible careers.
At the same time, we also provide the opportunity to learn about internet etiquette and the various dangers that exist online and how to avoid them.

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