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June 21, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

Yazaki Corporation introduces FinalCode® as a solution to prevent the disclosure of confidential information that also reduces security operation steps
FinalCode is highly acclaimed for its unparalleled performance as one of the most robust security solutions

The information security provider Digital Arts Inc. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; president: Toshio Dogu; Tokyo Stock Exchange securities code: 2326; hereinafter referred to as “Digital Arts”) announces that Yazaki Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; president: Shinji Yazaki; hereinafter referred to as “Yazaki Corp.”), the world’s leading wire harness manufacturer, has introduced FinalCode as a solution to prevent the disclosure of the company’s confidential information.

Yazaki Corp., which plays a central role in the Yazaki Group that globally runs businesses in 46 countries with 167 corporations and 596 locations as of June 2018, has constantly reviewed how well its internal information is protected, while enhancing its security measures. As part of such efforts, preventing the disclosure of technical information, product design information, information entrusted to Yazaki Corp. by customers, and personal information has been one of the most important security issues. When sharing these confidential data, Yazaki Corp. had previously used procedures such as: a file is encrypted and sent as an email attachment with password protection; or after a file has been uploaded to a shared folder, the password required to decrypt the file is sent in a separate email message.

Thus, in order to further strengthen security, Yazaki Corp. considered and evaluated some ten different security products. As a result, they decided to adopt FinalCode because it can be introduced instantly and cost-effectively via the cloud (SaaS), supports multiple languages, has intuitive operability from the user’s perspective, and is also capable of being displayed on a tablet device.

FinalCode is reliable because not only does it encrypt important data in a simple way and share it safely, but also the solution traces the usage status of the encrypted data in a log so that the customer can easily understand when, by whom, and in what operations the data was used. In the event that a disclosure occurs unfortunately, it is possible to identify who is responsible, and if fraudulent use is suspected, then there is a feature to delete the data after such use. For these reasons, FinalCode has been highly acclaimed.
FinalCode can also encrypt and share files without the need to set a password. The encrypted file can be viewed simply by double-clicking, so the time and effort of previous security measures involving tasks such as sending a password in a separate email message is eliminated, thereby reducing the number of operation steps.

Yazaki Corp. is considering the use of an API to connect to the business system in order to strengthen security while maintaining convenience for users. The company also plans to use FinalCode in the future to encrypt information stored on various individual business systems.

As measures against cyberattacks and disclosure of information from inside the organizations, Digital Arts will emphasize the product features of FinalCode for file traceability and deleting sent files afterward, in order to help more companies improve their business efficiency and ensure the safety of important and confidential files.


We have received the following testimonial from Yazaki Corp. regarding this product introduction.

Gaku Fujii, Technical Information Systems Manager, Resource Center, Technology Development Office, Yazaki Corp. (position as of February 20, 2019)

We have introduced FinalCode, provided by Digital Arts, mainly to development departments within Japan and overseas that manage IT infrastructure, and other departments that engage in the centralized management of security measures. After examining some ten different products for implementing more robust security measures, we finally decided to adopt FinalCode. The screen watermark for displaying a watermark on the screen when viewing encrypted data is an extremely useful feature. We highly appreciate Digital Arts because it was able to respond flexibly to our needs by looking at things from the user’s perspective, which would be a difficult approach to take for overseas companies. Through FinalCode, we will continue to offer a safe security environment for our customers.

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