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December 10, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. Adopts Aggressive Data Leak Solution "FinalCode®".
Design and development speed being the goal, sharing scope widened while keeping data secure
Next-gen security measure implemented to boost active business expansion

Information security solution provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts," Code 2326) announces that the major auto parts manufacturer Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Niwa-gun, Aichi, Japan, CEO: Kenji Miura, hereinafter referred to as "Tokai Rika") has adopted FinalCode as the measure to prevent from internal data leaks.

Tokai Rika was founded in 1948 and is the major manufacturer of the varieties of auto parts. The company mainly focuses on producing solutions like human interface systems, such as lever combination switches that activate turn signals, windshield wipers, shift levers, as well as the security systems like smart keys and electronic key systems, safety systems like seatbelts and mirrors, and other products that act as the prompt of interaction among human and car.

Preventing internal data leaks is an important issue for Tokai Rika who handles a considerable amount of confidential materials. This matter is especially critical in the process of designing auto parts involving a large amount of technical information, such as blueprints and design rules. With an eye on keeping the risk of data leaks to the minimum, the company has a security policy of only allowing the selected members to view the data. However, in developing new technologies, it was important for not only Japan-based engineers but also engineers from group companies overseas also have to involve in the process, thus the data needed to be shared and used effectively on a wider scale. To that end, the sphere of data sharing had to be increased, whilst preventing the data leaks.

The company tried to find solutions to make this possible, and to do so seven different kinds of encryption software were picked up by the information systems department over the course of three months, and finally, FinalCode has been chosen for its convenience, operability, and cost-effectiveness. Features like encrypted folders allow the 10,000+ items per month of technical data to be efficiently encrypted, along with the ease of operating the management screen and the versatility of data once it is decrypted, have all been highly appreciated.

These FinalCode features allow the technology management division to incorporate the data management system that allows the technical data developed by in-house engineers to be fully protected. Also, the data can be shared safely in a wide range, such as with engineers in group companies. This, in turn, speeds up the overall design and development process.

Encryption of blueprint data began with a single engineer's license at the beginning, and now the number has increased to 30. The highly confidential data such as design rules and production rules are encrypted with FinalCode. At present, the total number of FinalCode users within the Tokai Rika group has expanded to 6,000.
To increase the efficiency of doing business going forward, the company is planning to expand the use of FinalCode to several hundred suppliers to implement measures for the handling of confidential information.

At Digital Arts, our aim is to continue promoting FinalCode to customers as a way to prevent cyber-attacks and internal data leaks. This allows us to actively support customers' business efforts by implementing next-generation security measures that work to ensure the protection of their informational assets.


With their implementation of FinalCode, Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. has offered the following endorsement.

Masaki Oka , Information Management Group Head

Tokai Rika Co., Ltd., Technology Management Division, Design Management Office
(as of December 10, 2019)

We've adopted Digital Arts' FinalCode as a solution to prevent internal leaks of technical data, such as blueprints. Our company handles a lot of highly confidential technological data, which is why internal data leak prevention is one of the top priorities for us. To give us an advantage in an ever more competitive field, we felt the need of using our data more effectively by sharing it with engineers in our extended group companies. To make that possible, FinalCode was the right choice. Because, it is easy to use, both on the encrypting and decrypting. Of course, the features of the product itself were excellent; in addition to, from a cost perspective, FinalCode was affordable compared to competitors' products, which we strongly appreciate. In addition, the Digital Arts staff who worked to implement FinalCode into our existing system did so in an extremely swift manner, and when we made requests for specific new features, they responded promptly and proactively to fulfill them.
With the implementation of FinalCode, I feel that we've improved the overall speed of our design and development process.
We look forward to the development of even more excellent solutions from Digital Arts in the future and look forward to implementing them where we can.

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