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August 6, 2020
Digital Arts Inc.

[August Webinars]
How to Protect Telework from Rapidly Increasing Cyberattacks.

Full explanations with examples, including that of the "GIGA School Program" being implemented

Information security solution provider Digital Arts, Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts"; Code 2326) will be holding webinars on how to protect your company's telework environments against cyberattacks. Using examples, these webinars will explain how to telework without hindering "smooth" access to email and the web, and without compromising workflow, safety or security measures against the nearly triple number of cyberattacks in 2020.

Due to the rapid implementation of telework as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19, cyberattacks have increased by approximately 2.7 times* since last year. As the use of virtual desktops, secure browsers and company computers at home has increased, attacks on system vulnerabilities with the aim of securing information stored in the cloud have intensified, resulting in enormous damage. Our webinars will contain thorough explanations on what attackers target, and the risks and use cases of telework environments, in addition to practical examples of telework methods that don't compromise safety or workflow. Furthermore, for educational institutions, there are also webinars that showcase examples from Digital Arts of security measures for the GIGA School Program, and look at how to set up our products used in the program.

Digital Arts Webinars (August Schedule)
Participation fee
How to apply
Fill in the desired webinar's application form on our website -

7 (Fri)
[Back by popular demand]
Intro to the GIGA School Program: Web security in the Era of the GIGA School Program (introduction)
12 (Wed)
[Back by popular demand]
Intro to the GIGA School Program: Web security in the Era of the GIGA School Program (advanced)
20 (Thu)
[NEW! Added by popular demand]
Web security in the Era of the GIGA School Program
(examples of use + demo on how to set up)
25 (Tue)
How to use DigitalArts@Cloud for Safe and Unhindered "Reliable Teleworking"
(with examples from Digital Arts)
26 (Wed)
How to Protect Your Telework Environment from Cyber Attackers in a Continually More Dangerous Japan
- How to protect your company's now essential working-from-home environments amid damage from cyberattacks doubling year after year -
Host: Digital Arts Consulting, Inc./Digital Arts, Inc.
Sponsors: enable Network Security Japan, Inc./CyberArk Software, Ltd.
  • * According to a survey by the JPCERT Coordination Center, there were 10,416 reports of damage from cyberattack between April and June 2020, an increase of approx. 2.7 times from 3,830 in the same period in 2019 (from the "JPCERT/CC Incident Handling Report").
Digital Arts, Inc. Overview
Digital Arts, Inc. is an information security solution provider focused on the development and sales of security software for web, e-mail, files and others.
Since its founding in 1995 the company philosophy has been "Contributing to a safer, better, more convenient internet lifestyle" and since developing web filtering software to prevent the browsing of harmful information on the internet, the company has been promoting internet security products to companies, the public sector and homes everywhere.
  • * DIGITAL ARTS, i-FILTER, info board, ARS, Active Rating System, ACTIVE RATING, ZBRAIN, D-SPA, SP-Cache, NET FILTER, White Web, m-FILTER, m-FILTER MailFilter, m-FILTER Archive, m-FILTER Anti-Spam, m-FILTER File Scan, Mail Detox, FinalCode, i-FILTER, DigitalArts@Cloud, Chat@Cloud, D Alert, D Content, and related logos and icons are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digital Arts Inc. FinalCode is a registered trademark of FinalCode, Inc.
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