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Digital Arts leads the way in protecting users from threats across the internet with a suite of our web and email filtering software. As the first domestically-developing web filtering software developer, we continue to improve our products and services to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing information age.

We are currently planning to expand our business, bringing our high quality products and services to the global market in the near future.

Sales Chart
Enterprise Sector
These days it is as a problem to use non internet businesses techniques in the business scene. However information can be leaked through forums or email, personal internet use during working hours can hurt productivity, and spam email can bring in malicious viruses or malware. The web filtering software “i-FILTER for Business” and email filtering software “m-FILTER” can protect against these threats.
Also, in December of 2010 “DigitalArts Secure Proxy Appliance” (“D-SPA”), was launched. It is a simple to install security solution with both web filtering and virus scan capabilities designed to optimize your web browsing experience.
Public Sector
Government policies have improved the internet environment at elementary schools across Japan.
With the increased use of computers by both teachers and students, “anti-data leak” security measures have become far more important in recent years. “i-FILTER for Business” and “m-FILTER” solves many of the problems associated with the increased risks of using the internet.
Consumer Sector
Internet usage is an integral part of modern life, and children are becoming more tech savvy every day. However these same children are being bombarded with inappropriate content from websites, and some can become victims of cyber bullying. Behind the convenience of the internet lie some very real dangers.
We offer the web filtering software “i-FILTER for Consumer” for computers, game systems, and internet compatible TV, so that children can safely use the internet.

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