Digital Arts

Contributing to a more convenient, comfortable, and safe internet

Products and Services

Digital Arts plans, develops, releases, and provides support for our products and services completely in-house. We provide customers the following products: web filtering software “i-FILTER for Business” which is the top filtering product for Japanese businesses, Parental Control Software “i-FILTER for Consumers” for individual customers, email security software “m-FILTER” for businesses, secure proxy appliance “D-SPA”, web filtering service “i-FILTER Browser & Cloud ”, and file encryption solution “FinalCode”.

Products and Services for Business, Government, and Schools

Email Security Software “m-FILTER”
Control over sending and receiving email, full email archive and search, and spam blocking. This software provides numerous email management solutions and comprehensive functionality.
File Security Solution “FinalCode”
This is an encryption and data loss prevention solution which can encrypt important files sent to external users, monitor and track access to those files, and delete them remotely.

Products and Services for Individuals, Family, SOHO, and Small Businesses

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