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m-FILTER <Email Security Software>

Allowing you to safely and securely access your email!!

“m-FILTER” is designed to prevent data breaches, archive entire email messages, block spam email, and provide greater managerial control over email policies, allowing safe and secure access to email.

m-FILTER <Email Filtering Software> About m-FILTER


m-FILTER MailFilter
m-FILTER MailFilter
By setting rules for sending and receiving email, you can let your employee comply with company policy standards and prevent any intentional or unintentional loss of information from mistakenly sent email. Using “auto password lock attached files”, “delayed sending”, and other functions can help prevent data breaches before they occur.

<Important Features>
• Password lock attached files, reducing the risk of accidental data losses
• Prevent mistakenly sent email from reaching their recipient by setting “delayed sending”.
• Supports international standards for file attachment encryption.
• “FinalCode Express” (optional feature) can be used to delete attached files after they have been sent.

m-FILTER Archive
m-FILTER Archive
Save all incoming and outgoing email, high speed search, fake/spam email detection, internal controls, enhance compliance, and support Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

<Important Features>
• Manage and search saved email.
• Download archived emails.
• Completely archive internal email of Microsoft Exchange Server.
m-FILTER Anti-Spam
m-FILTER Anti-Spam
The database is continuously updated by real-time monitoring of spam email worldwide. Spam mail patterns vary by country and language, so by using information from our global spam collection engine, unwanted and malicious email is completely filtered regardless of where it originates.

<Important Features>
• Our world-class global spam detection engine completely filters and removes spam email.
• The engine uses globally gathered spam for increased effectiveness.

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