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Delivering Value in the Connectivity Era

Whether it be business confidence, the right school education, or a smile on a child’s face, the role we play sees no end in an era where internet is an integral part of our lives. Digital Arts strives to deliver internet convenience, safety and security to people connecting to the world.

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Expanding Our “Protection Filters” for Giga School Devices to Block & Notify Teachers of Posts & Searches That Lead to Cyber Bullying and Suicide.
GIGA School Device Usage Case Study of Gunma Prefecture's Shimonita Board of Education
Digital Arts to Begin Providing i-FILTER@Cloud Introduction Support Service QuickStart — Supporting Security Measures for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses by Providing Integrated Cloud Server Configuration
GIGA School Device Usage Case Study of Hyogo Prefecture's Ashiya City Board of Education

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FY03/22 Second Quarter Consolidated Financial Results (PDF : 358 KB)
Notice of Partial Correction of Quarterly Consolidated Financial Results for First Half of Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2022 (PDF : 96 KB)
FY03/22 Second Quarter Consolidated Financial Results-Reference Slides (PDF : 1.39 MB)
Notice of Difference between Forecasts and Results for the first half of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, and Full-Year Financial Forecasts Revision (PDF : 86 KB)

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