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Delivering Value in the Connectivity Era

At times, it is the trust of companies and public institutions, while other times, it is the irreplaceable smiles of families.
As the internet becomes the foundation of our lives in its continuous expansion, our role in society continues to grow with it. In order to create a more convenient society where anyone can safely connect with the world, we here at Digital Arts will continue to provide safety and security for a connected society.

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Digital Arts launches i-FILTER@Cloud with enhanced CASB functionality on April 3
Security Reports: Three year compilation of Domestic Security Incidents Incidents exceed 1,000, up 1.5 times from previous year while malware infection is up 10 times
New Option for Detecting and Responding to Incidents Caused by Dangerous E-mails Now Available
The Kagawa Prefectural Board of Education Adopts i-FILTER@Cloud for High Schools as Part of the GIGA School Program's One Device per Student Initiative

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FY03/23 Consolidated Financial Results
FY03/23 Consolidated Financial Results-Reference Slides
FY03/23 Third Quarter Consolidated Financial Results
FY03/23 Third Quarter Consolidated Financial Results-Reference Slides

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