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Delivering Value in the Connectivity Era

Whether it be business confidence, the right school education, or a smile on a child’s face, the role we play sees no end in an era where internet is an integral part of our lives. Digital Arts strives to deliver internet convenience, safety and security to people connecting to the world.

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PPAP passwords can be cracked in less than a second
<Survey of security measures taken by teleworking organizations that faced incidents in 2020>
More than 80% of security incidents are caused by web access and email
Digital Arts cuts number of commuting employees by approximately 94%
Hokkaido Government Office adopts the ZIP Encryption Circumvention software m-FILTER and FinalCode

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Approach and Policy regarding Reduction of Minimum Investment Units (PDF : 76 KB)
FY03/21 Annual Securities Report (PDF : 862 KB)
FY03/21 Consolidated Financial Results (PDF : 543 KB)
FY03/21 Consolidated Financial Results-Reference Slides (PDF : 1.31 MB)

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