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Digital Arts handles product planning, development, sales and support on its own to bring truly “domestic” internet security software and appliance products for companies and individuals. Its product range features i-FILTER (top-share web filtering software for corporations), i-FILTER Browser & Cloud (web security for smart devices), i-FILTER for Consumers (parental control software), D-SPA (proxy appliance product), m-FILTER (email filtering software for corporations), and FinalCode (persistent password-less file security and tracking solution).

Inbound & Outbound Security Products

Installation No.1
Providing web security and email security in the cloud
DigitalArts@Cloud provides i-FILTER Ver. 10, the web security product with the No. 1 installation record, and the mail security product "m-FILTER" Ver. 5 on the cloud. Through this solution, it will be possible to realize a world where you can use the internet and mail without hesitation.
i-FILTER as the No.1 web filtering software and m-FILTER provide a completely new solution to combat targeted attacks Today, targeted attacks against private and public sectors are becoming increasing complicated and more advanced so that even multiple layers of security protection in conjunction with several security products can be breached by new cyberattacks one after another. Regardless of company size or industry, having damages such as personal or classified information to be leaked or stolen will never cease. Companies are emphasizing the importance of employees’ education and training but facing the ever-increasing costs and efforts for them. Having both i-FILTER Ver.10 of web security and m-FILTER Ver.5 of Email security as a set provides solutions to challenges of high-level and multi-faceted targeted attacks by instantly blocking malware-directed web access as well as reducing multi-layer protection costs and employee education fees. We strongly encourage you to experience our solutions that no one has ever reached.

Outbound Security products

i-FILTER Browser
A web filtering software for smart devices that curtails private usage, visualize web access with logs and reports, and prevents leaks of critical information with centralized control of multiple operating systems that range from smart devices equipped with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and others) to laptops and other Windows terminals.
A “Made in Japan” proxy appliance product that realizes centralization, visualization, and improved efficiency for web access and serves as a platform for web filtering, HTTP virus scans, and security solutions. Compatible with the industry-leading web filtering software i-FILTER.
i-FILTER for Consumers
A range of parental control software for home use, including the classic i-FILTER for personal computers (installed as standard feature on many PCs and major ISPs nationwide), i-FILTER iOS and Android for smartphones, and i-FILTER Multi-Device that runs on a wide range of devices, such as all Windows terminals, iOS and Android smart devices, PCs, game players, tablets and music players with a single serial ID.

Email Security Products

An email security software capable of controlling email transmissions by preventing mistaken mail delivery and reception by sanitizing attachments to combat targeted email attacks and stop leaks of confidential data. It includes advanced archive feature and a state-of-the-art spam engine to eliminate spam messages.
m-FILTER MailAdviser
A client-type email security software that prevents mistaken mail transmissions by giving on-the-spot “notices” to email senders. Easy to install and extremely user-friendly with a variety of check features to keep users aware.

File Security Products

The first and last line of file collaboration defense, FinalCode is the ultimate enterprise-grade file encryption with persistent tracking and protection of files wherever they go. This file security is easy to deploy with flexibility to work across all existing communication channels, and provides granular file permission and protection settings with active auditing throughout file lifecycle, including remote deletion even after files are distributed.