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May 23, 2017
Digital Arts Inc.

Enhanced Features to Prevent Mis-Transmissions
m-FILTER® MailAdviser Ver.3.4 Available on June 27
~Change name display settings on pop-up screen~

TOKYO, Japan (May 23, 2017) – Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; “Digital Arts”; Code 2326), a leading provider of information security software, announced to make m-FILTER MailAdviser Ver.3.4 available on June 27, 2017. m-FILTER MailAdviser is a client email security solution for enterprises, government, and local municipalities, and this newest release enhances security features to prevent mistaken transmission of emails.

Enterprises and public institutions exchange huge quantities of important files on a daily basis, such as quotes and agreements, with many different external entities. Critical files are often sent as email attachments, however what if someone sends a message to the wrong person? Not only would it be considered a serious data loss incident, working under the risk of wrong transmissions can ultimately affect business productivity.

Digital Arts conducted in-depth interviews to gain insight into incidents of mistaken email transmissions by its customers. Based on analyzing the results, Digital Arts includes new and enhanced features to its m-FILTER MailAdviser to solve persisting issues through enhancing security and user operability.

Enhanced security feature: in addition to manual passwords on ZIP files, m-FILTER MailAdviser offers an option to automatically set random passwords. Random passwords are generated for each outgoing message, which means that only the recipient who received the corresponding message would be able to decrypt the attached files. This helps to prevent multiple recipients from sharing passwords, which can ultimately lead to data loss if the file is attempted to be opened by the wrong person.

Automatically generated passwords when securing attachments (available on m-FILTER MailAdviser Ver.3.4)

Automatically generated passwords when securing attachments (available on m-FILTER MailAdviser Ver.3.4)

Enhanced user operability: users can now switch display mode on the pop-up screen to confirm recipient email addresses. In addition to displaying entire recipient name, department, and email address, users can select to see abridged information with only nicknames and email addresses. Using the tool chip will always expand recipient information to its entirety.

About m-FILTER MailAdviser
m-FILTER MailAdviser is a client server email security software for businesses, public sectors and local governments seeking a budget solution to prevent misdirected emails rather than investing in a gateway software. With m-FILTER MailAdviser, senders self-inspect recipients and attachments for outgoing messages, raising awareness to avoid wrong transmission. Use together with the gateway edition m-FILTER for a multi-layer prevention framework that ensures email messages are not sent to unintended recipients.
About m-FILTER
m-FILTER is a gateway email security software for businesses, private sectors, and local governments facing the challenge of data disclosure via email, audit requirements and email spams that seem to increase year after year. m-FILTER comes with three features that suit client needs: m-FILTER MailFilter delays internal/external outgoing messages, auto-encrypts attachments, and requires supervisor permission before sending messages; m-FILTER Archive saves email and attachments in real time, and reduces operational load with its high-speed search; m-FILTER Anti-Spam completely filters and eliminates spam mail using Cloudmark engine recognized for its highest standard in spam detection. Users can incorporate all three features or select only the features that are necessary to solve issues unique to their organization.
About Digital Arts Inc.
Digital Arts, Inc. is a provider of information security products with a unique patented web filtering technology at its core. It plan, develops, sells and supports internet security products on its own, while also delivering added value as the first Japanese manufacturer to launch a web filtering software in the industry. Digital Arts is highly recognized for its most comprehensive domestic web filtering database and its unique filtering technology patented in 27 countries and regions around the world. Digital Arts has become the top domestic supplier of web filter software i-FILTER (corporate and public-sectors), i-FILTER for Consumer, and i-FILTER Browser & Cloud. Other product lineup includes m-FILTER, a gateway email security software for corporations, m-FILTER MailAdviser, a client email anti-misdelivery software, D-SPA, a secure proxy appliance solution, and FinalCode, the ultimate password-less file encryption and tracking solution.
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