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July 27, 2018
Digital Arts Inc.

Commencement of the provision of i-FILTER® for Multi-Device to QT Mobile
~First tie-up with Kyushu-born MVNO service,“Safety and peace of mind”to more children ~

TOKYO, Japan (July 27, 2017) – Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as “Digital Arts”, Code 2326), a leading provider of information security software, will commence the provision of consumer internet filtering software “i-FILTER for Multi-Device” to QTnet (headquartered in Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City, President and CEO: Kazuhito Iwasaki, hereinafter “QTnet,”) which owns an MVNO service provider QT Mobile from July 27th.

From the affordability of the price, smartphones of MVNO companies are gradually increasing their market share. Among them, QT Mobile, which is operated by QTnet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyushu Electric Power which has been active for more than 30 years since its establishment, has a strong presence in the Kyushu region. In anticipation of an increase in smartphone use by minors in the future, i-Filter for Multi-Device was adopted in order to build an environment where young people can use smartphones more safely. QT Mobile offers both Android and iOS devices, which makes i-FILTER for Multi-Device a perfect fit as it works with both platforms. QT Mobile users can use i-FILTER for Multi-Device as an optional service for 350 yen per month.

The addition of i-FILTER for Multi-Device to QT Mobile’s lineup of services will allow more customers to have a safer and more secure net environment.

Sample blocking screen


Service Outline

Service Name
i-FILTER for Multi-Device
Service Commencement
27th July 2018
JPY 350 per month
Subscription method
A serial ID, which is required in order to use the service, will be issued upon application for the service, either at the time of purchase of the smartphone with QT Mobile or afterward. Please enter the issued ID into i-FILTER for Multi-Device on the smartphone to complete the procedure.
About QT Mobile
QT Mobile, operated by QTnet of the Kyushu Electric Power Group, markets smartphones that meet customers’needs and offers an MVNO service that customers can rest assured is not only safe but also a good value.
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