Press Release

September 13, 2018
Digital Arts Inc.

Enhancement of i-FILTER® Browser & Cloud service
Offering two solutions for the price of one license
~Efforts being made to ensure loophole measures in place for mobile devices held by companies and educational institutions~

TOKYO, Japan (September 13, 2018) – Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as“Digital Arts”, Code 2326) a leading provider of information security software, is planning to release a new version (Ver.4.91R01) of i-FILTER Browser & Cloud in mid-October, which is an endpoint web security for enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies, which ensures business efficiency while protecting devices from targeted attacks such as malware. The licensing system will be changed with this release, making it possible to use two solutions for the price of one license.

At Digital Arts, we provide a flexible security solutions like our 2-part line-up that includes MultiAgent, a multi-application internet filtering solution, and SecureBrowser, a dedicated browser-based solution that manages data stored on the device. In recent years, with the increasing number of applications that support business and learning, a growing number of cases are being seen where applications’independent browsing function is used as a loophole which the system administrator cannot grasp. This is particularly problematic at companies and educational institutions that have introduced browser-based filtering solutions. Digital Arts’ i-FILTER Browser & Cloud has been highly rated as an effective solution.

Meanwhile, the utilization of applications and use of“loopholes”on the internet has recently seen a steady increase. With this being the case, Digital Arts has decided to review their pricing plans for i-FILTER Browser & Cloud so that customers can use it more smoothly. In the existing licensing system, a separate charge was required for each license in order to use both functions, but now customers can use both for the price of one license. Using MultiAgent and SecureBrowser together on one device forms a complete guard against data breaches and “loopholes” by allowing users to control internet security measures, confidential data, and data authentication for an entire device.

Working methods are diversifying thanks to the rapid increase in smart device usage and leverage of the cloud. This can be seen in the form of telecommuting, as business can be carried out smoothly without having to be at the workplace. In the educational field, institutions are obliged to promote the introduction of ICT, and to provide one tablet device per student. Under these circumstances, the number of cases where employees use smart devices outside the company, students take device home to learn, etc. has complicated the management of devices by system administrators in companies and educational institutions. Thus, there is a growing need for security measures that allow the safe and secure usage of smart devices regardless of location.

The implementation of both MultiAgent and SecureBrowser as well as various other custom security policies has been highly acclaimed, especially in the educational field. With MultiAgent, the Safari browser is still able to operate and use web teaching materials, while filtering the web communication of in-app browsers, so it is an effective countermeasure for communication loopholes difficult for administrators to handle. Using SecureBrowser will allow the customer to learn how content distributed for research studies is utilized. In the new fee structure, a combination of MultiAgent and SecureBrowser can be utilized with only the cost of one license.

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