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December 13, 2018
Digital Arts Inc.

Casio Computer implements "FinalCode®" as a solution to prevent customer information leaks, highly valuing the ability to delete files that have already been sent
- Digitizing the flow of personal information, improving business efficiency and customer response times –

TOKYO, Japan (December 13, 2018) – Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts", Code 2326,) announces that Casio Computer Co., Ltd., (headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuhiro Kashio, hereinafter "Casio Computer") has adopted "FinalCode" as a countermeasure against confidential information leaks during the transfer of personal information.

Casio Computer, which is proud to be a world-class precision equipment maker with high technical capabilities and a global business in which sales of consumer products such as "G-SHOCK" watches account for most of its sales.For this reason, the company’s most important marketing measures are 1) having product websites that directly appeal to end users and 2) developing sales campaigns.When implementing plans to offer gifts or other plans, Casio Computer uses an outside contractor to hold the lottery for and distribute prizes to prize winners.However when exchanging files containing applicants’ personal information, they paid close attention to maintaining security.The method was to hand over the CD with the data by hand in order to assure the safe transfer and management of personal information, but this required a lot of time and effort.

To solve this problem, Casio Computer began looking for a solution to improve efficiency by digitizing the business flow of customer information.In order to do so, at the end of a sales campaign it is an imperative to destroy all transferred customer information and also to leave evidence that the information was destroyed.As such, the method must be at least as secure as the hand transfer and data destruction method, and must ensure complete security.This was not possible with a traditional password-protected ZIP file or with other general file encryption products.But after comparing it with various products, it was found that such a procedure was possible with "FinalCode." Only "FinalCode" was able to control access rights and delete files remotely, in addition to the simple encryption of files and the ability to view file operation history.

As a result of introducing "FinalCode", all applicant information from the campaign is encrypted, and viewing/editing authority are now controlled completely via internet so that file transfers can be performed immediately.Through the implementation of "FinalCode" Casio Computers has succeeded in reducing the number of man-hours needed versus carrying an actual CD containing personal information, transferring it by hand then destroying it.In addition, the number of days required to issue cards to customers has been shortened from several days to same day delivery, which has helped speed up customer response.Casio Computer is currently considering expansion use of the application within the company, especially focusing on departments that handle sensitive information.

At Digital Arts, business efficiency in increased by contributing to the confidentiality of data held by companies and organizations, by further promoting the functions of "FinalCode" as a countermeasure against cyber-attacks and information leaks from within organizations, which allows files to be traced and sent files to be deleted after being sent.


Digital Arts has received the following endorsement from Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.Information Development Dept.Marketing Information Group Group Manager
Mr.Yuichi Hara

We recently adopted "FinalCode" from Digital Arts Co., Ltd.We did so mainly in departments that handle customer information.We were surprised to hear about about the function that allows the user to remotely delete files even after being sent.With conventional password-protected ZIP files and other general file encryption products, the requirement to destroy data and leave evidence of that destruction could not be reliably carried out.This is essential due to the nature of our work, such as giving and receiving customer information.However with "FinalCode" this can be done.The introduction of the product has not only strengthened countermeasures against information leaks when exchanging information with outsourcing companies, but it has also made it possible to fully digitize the flow of personal information, which was previously done by hand.We highly appreciate how "FinalCode" has brought success in improving our efficiency.In the future, we are considering introducing "FinalCode" in other departments.Through use of "FinalCode," we aim to continue strengthening both our company and affiliated companies’ file security, and to provide a comfortable and safe service environment.

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