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January 22, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

Tokyo City University Todoroki Junior and Senior High School adopt i-FILTER® Browser & Cloud
- Resolves issue with a software from another company of being able to freely disable filtering, ensuring a safer environment for students -

TOKYO, Japan (January 22, 2019) - Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts", Code 2326) announces that i-FILTER Browser & Cloud, an endpoint web security software for enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies, which ensures business efficiency while protecting devices from targeted attacks such as malware, was introduced at Tokyo City University Todoroki Junior and Senior High School (located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, below referred to as Tokyo City University Todoroki) as a solution to use their iPads with more sense of safety and security.

A trial to introduce iPads to the school started gradually at Tokyo City University Todoroki in 2016, and in 2017 all high school freshmen were provided with an iPad.Now that computers and technology have become more widespread in society, tablets are being used as a kind of educational tool to resolve issues and increase learning productivity.

To ensure that security loopholes cannot be opened by new applications which students may install on their iPads without administrator's approval, filtering software to be used at schools must be chosen based on whether or not they offer multi-application support.Tokyo City University Todoroki had used another company's multi-application-supporting software and given one iPad to each student in the first year of their introduction.

However, what happened was that after distributing the iPads to the students, it was found that the filtering software could be de-activated by a single touch in the iPad's settings menu.Tokyo City University Todoroki anticipated various issues stemming from this and has taken the steps of installing MDM and filtering software on the school's Wi-Fi system in order to offer a safe internet environment.But those measures were limited to the time students spent at school.Once they took the iPads outside of the school, they were able to access any kind of website they wished.

Following this, school administrators began looking for a solution that offered complete control over the students' iPads so that they could not open any security loopholes.To do that, administrators would need filtering software that could not be easily de-activated by students, and that would allow administrators to strictly control user permissions.The solution they found was our i-FILTER Browser & Cloud.

What Tokyo City University Todoroki focused on was Multiagent, which covers multiple applications.Multiagent can filter both Safari and other applications' in-app browsers, which competitors' software could not do.This is effective in handling potential security loopholes that are otherwise difficult for system administrators to get a grasp of, which is why Digital Arts was chosen.

i-FILTER Browser & Cloud features a dual lineup consisting of Multiagent, a multi-application support web filtering software, and SecureBrowser, a dedicated web browser that controls data storage within devices.These are offered as a security solution for multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.The two products can be used simultaneously, and whichever security policy can be utilized depending on the intended use, which contributes to allowing smooth and pleasant studies.This has led to the software being highly rated.

With end point web security software i-FILTER Browser & Cloud, which makes a safe and pleasant internet usage environment possible, Digital Arts will continue to offer features that overcome security challenges in business, education and public marketplaces in a bid to make mobile devices easier to use safely.


Digital Arts has received the following endorsement from Tokyo City University Todoroki on their introduction of our software.

Mr. Yuki Shikamata
Tokyo City University Todoroki Junior and Senior High School Teacher, ICT Committee member

In reaction to the issue of the internet filter being easily de-activated, we made the switch to i-FILTER Browser & Cloud to solve this issue.Each school has their own thinking about filtering control, but our school provides iPads to be used as educational tools, and to do that effectively we feel that a certain amount of control is necessary.While we think students should be independent and able to use the internet freely, there are various kinds of students, and this presents the need for the school to take control and create a safe internet environment.With i-FILTER Browser & Cloud students can go about their studies safely and with peace of mind, which we think is fantastic.We will continue to use i-FILTER Browser & Cloud to provide students with the kind of environment they need to foster learning.

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