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February 26, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

INNOMEDICS Medical Instruments, Inc. adopts "m-FILTER@Cloud" for Safe Email Operations
Highly evaluated as a cloud service that can be applied to various email environments

Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts", Code 2326,) a leading provider of information security software, announces that the email security service "m FILTER@Cloud", which targets enterprises and government agencies, has been adopted as a safe email operation solution by INNOMEDICS Medical Instruments, Inc. (headquartered in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Yoshiyasu Ninomiya, hereinafter referred to as "INNOMEDICS"), a medical devices and medical materials dealer.

INNOMEDICS, which boasts a top-class share of the market in the Kanto area as a dealer in medical devices and medical materials, handles a large volume of emails every day in order to communicate and exchange information both inside and outside the company. For sending and receiving emails they had already been using an email hosting server, but after using it for a long time the need arose to make it better-developed, for example, by equipping it with an archive function adequate for auditing. Also, INNOMEDICS has taken utmost care when sending and receiving emails outside the company including medical personnel, but to some extent this had depended upon each employee’s morality and security consciousness, and they became aware of problems with regard to email "operations." Therefore, they began to look for a product that included not just archiving capability but also functions to provide an advanced security measures, such as for blocking information leaks from within the company, erroneous transmissions, and targeted attack emails.

Furthermore, while INNOMEDICS has been trying to shift the in-house server to the cloud, the product that solves these problems needed to provide the existing email hosting server with functions to make it usable on the cloud, and so it also became necessary for INNOMEDICS to solve this "environment" problem.

In order to solve these problems INNOMEDICS started to investigate and compare various cloud services, but they could not easily find a cloud service capable of simultaneously solving both the "operations" and "environment" problems, and they felt they were deadlocked. But then, they heard that "m-FILTER@Cloud" had been released in May, 2018, and they found that "m-FILTER@Cloud" could solve both problems.

Thus, INNOMEDICS began trial use of "m-FILTER@Cloud" on its release. They first evaluated the basic "attached file password lock" and "archive" functions, and as a result they confirmed that all the functions could work smoothly on the cloud, which solved the "environment" problem first. Then, with regard to "operations," after a simple setup procedure and a small number of steps it was possible not only to smoothly use the archiving function but also to take measures against attack emails, and they made progress with solving the problems such as blocking dangerous emails and erroneous transmissions due to mistakes.

And they decided to adopt "m-FILTER@Cloud", as a result of their high evaluation of it, which has "advanced security measures and an archive function for sending and receiving emails" and "a cloud service that supports an existing server", that no other product has realized.

With regard to defend-and-respond solutions against external targeted attack emails and internal information leaks, which will get more fearful in the future, Digital Arts will develop and provide such solutions more quickly and more widely from the viewpoint of securing all types of information property, such as the web, email, and files. We will keep improving customer satisfaction with our products to bring safety and security to the Internet community.


Digital Arts received the following endorsement from INNOMEDICS with this adoption.

Yoshimasa Funakoshi
INNOMEDICS Information Systems Department Manager

We introduced "m-FILTER@Cloud", provided by Digital Arts, in a cloud format that can flexibly support the existing email hosting server, as a solution with an archive function adequate for system auditing which would make our email security measures complete. As one example, the attached file automatic encryption function does not just greatly decrease the number of steps in sending emails, which previously were done manually one by one, but also decreases the risk of information leaks due to erroneous transmissions. With regard to a countermeasure for external targeted attacks, not just can attack emails be detected, but information about dangerous email is presented with the risk information presentation service "D Alert," which is useful for getting the attention of employees to these risks. In the future, by using "m-FILTER@Cloud", we will strengthen our security and compliance when sending and receiving emails with associated companies including customers, in order to present a comfortable and safe service environment.


"m-FILTER" is a gateway-type electronic email security software for enterprises, government agencies, and self-governing bodies, which alone can respond to issues such as information leaks through electronic mail and audit requests, as well as spam mail and targeted attack mails that have been increasing every year.

"m-FILTER" presents the following three functions: "m-FILTER MailFilter," which standardly implements countermeasures against external targeted mail attack and internal information leaks; "m-FILTER Archive", which saves mails in real time, including attached files, and reduces the operation load through high-speed search function; "m-FILTER Anti-Spam", which thoroughly eliminates spam emails by using the spam engine from Cloudmark Inc., which has the highest rate of detection in the industry. It is possible to select functions from these three according to the problems to be solved, and adopt them in combination to match the customer’s need, or adopt all three functions.
Digital Arts

Digital Arts is an information security manufacturer that deals with the provision of security software such as those for the web, mail, and files.

We are at a leading company for presenting Japanese web filtering software to the world for the first time at the dawn of the internet in 1998, and based on the knowledge we have gained we present cutting-edge information security products that implement measures against cyberattacks such as information leaks and targeted attacks.

While making use of our strength as a domestic manufacturer, we consistently provide every phase from product planning through development, sales, and support. Our web filtering database, which is the greatest level in Japan for supporting the foundation of products, and our technological strength, with patents acquired in 27 countries and areas of the world, are highly regarded. Our record of over 95% contract renewal rate is the proof of our high customer satisfaction.

Our product lineup, centered on the web security software "i-FILTER" that has over 50% market share in Japan, includes "i-Filter" for individuals and households, the email security software "m-FILTER," and the file encryption and tracking solution "FinalCode," so we can provide web security measures for the web, mail, and files in one stop.

Under the concept of "contributing to a more convenient, more comfortable, and safer internet life," Digital Arts continues to grow as a company that is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and that is trusted by all stakeholders.
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