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May 09, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

Digital Arts' "Hidden Dangers of Smartphones: Simulated Experience App" has been recognized as an official app in the "Smartphone applications to protect young people from internet trouble" campaign in Tokyo.
The app can be used as an educational tool, offering education and prevention on topics such as "The Risk of Selfies" and others.

A smartphone application entitled "Hidden Dangers of Smartphones: Simulated Experience App" by information security solution provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts", Code 2326) has been recognized as an official app in the "Smartphone applications to protect young people from internet trouble" campaign in Tokyo, and has received an official endorsement.

As the spread of smartphones accelerates worldwide, an app with the goal of protecting minors from dangers and trouble through use of the internet entitled "Hidden Dangers of Smartphones: Simulated Experience App" became available free of charge on August 21 of 2013. This app has been developed to serve as a tool for minors and their guardians, to raise awareness of the dangers, acquire knowledge of what specific measures to take, and take the actions to avoid the dangers.

This app illustrates hidden dangers that can come with smartphone use, and it contains 11 stories that illustrate the dangers minors face, through concrete examples. The examples are cases that show what dangers can occur with what causes, what can result from these dangers, what measures guardians can take to avoid these dangers, and all of this is shown in a clear, concise way.

Nowadays, a rapid increase in dangers stemming from selfie taking and exchange is being seen in which minors are tricked or forced into taking nude selfies and then sending those online. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, measures are being put in place by the police to combat this dangerous trend.
In Tokyo Metropolis, "A Regulation to Revise Some of the Regulations for the Healthy Education of Youth in Tokyo Metropolis" was enforced on February 1, making it a crime to improperly request selfies in this way. As measures to prevent dangers are rapidly intensifying, this endorsement has been added as one part of this overall effort.

What is often the cause of these kinds of dangers, as well as dangers stemming from online dating, is when an unknown party builds a relationship of mutual trust with a minor with ill intentions. Minors make these kinds of contacts and many times these result in unexpected harm. This app aims to raise awareness of how these kinds of communications can happen on the internet, in addition to examples of other dangers such as online bullying and personal information being leaked.

At Digital Arts, with the goal as an internet security provider to provide a safe, pleasant and convenient online experience, we feel that one way to do so is to contribute to a society through literacy efforts so that everyone can use the internet with peace of mind.

"Hidden Dangers of Smartphones: Simulated Experience App"

Via simulation on their own smartphone, this app allows the user to experience the hidden dangers that can come through smartphone use. The app clearly illustrates what forms online dangers can take with what causes, and what can result from these dangers. The app is organized into 11 stories representative of online dangers, with examples like "Online Dating Dangers" "Personal Information Leaks" "Demanding Large Sums of Money" "Online Bullying" "Smartphone Dependence" "Dangerous Apps" and others.

Digital Arts

Digital Arts is an information security manufacturer that deals with the provision of security software such as those for the web, mail, and files.

We are at a leading company for presenting Japanese web filtering software to the world for the first time at the dawn of the internet in 1998, and based on the knowledge we have gained we present cutting-edge information security products that implement measures against cyberattacks such as information leaks and targeted attacks.

While making use of our strength as a domestic manufacturer, we consistently provide every phase from product planning through development, sales, and support. Our web filtering database, which is the greatest level in Japan for supporting the foundation of products, and our technological strength, with patents acquired in 27 countries and areas of the world, are highly regarded. Our record of over 95% contract renewal rate is the proof of our high customer satisfaction.

Our product lineup, centered on the web security software "i-FILTER" that has over 50% market share in Japan, includes "i-Filter" for individuals and households, the email security software "m-FILTER," and the file encryption and tracking solution "FinalCode," so we can provide web security measures for the web, mail, and files in one stop.

Under the concept of "contributing to a more convenient, more comfortable, and safer internet life," Digital Arts continues to grow as a company that is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and that is trusted by all stakeholders.
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