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May 14, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

FinalCode® Ver.6 to become available on June 27.
The functionality, price and licensing system have been drastically updated to offer stronger, more extensive file security management. New feature included that protects files from the moment they are created.

Information security solution provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts", Code 2326) aims to combat the rapid increase of incidents of information leaks in recent years. To do this, on June 27, 2019 Digital Arts is set to release Version 6 of FinalCode, the file encryption and tracking solution. The new version features drastically updated functionality, as well as a new pricing and licensing system.

Currently the internet is the basis of most business communications, such as sending and receiving important e-mails. For companies and organizations who hold "information assets" there is a constant risk of danger in information theft, information loss, secondary information leaks by clients, or supply chain attacks. Even with the increasing number of threats, protection of these information assets is in many cases still only through password protection, employee training, and implementing strict rules. Although the Japanese government is promoting a re-thinking of peoples' way of working by increasing telecommuting, and more employees work from home or outside the office, the awareness of the risks of information leaks is preventing this system from becoming more widespread. With this situation in mind, FinalCode has been updated with new features that aim to address this issue. FinalCode can control IRM (Information Rights Management) not only with Word and Excel files, but also with CAD files, image editing software files and many other file formats. Since it is possible to control both who can browse and who can edit files, information leaks can be prevented in many cases such as file theft via mistakenly sent e-mails, targeted attack e-mails, or information leaks due to carelessness when taking files home from work.

Digital Arts would like more people to be able to use FinalCode with the release of this new version, and have made drastic changes to the price and licensing system to make this possible. With Version 5 of FinalCode, only users outside of companies and organizations could use FinalCode for free, while all users inside FinalCode companies and organizations had to pay. Now, users who wish to simply browse files with FinalCode both inside and outside of companies and organizations can do so free of charge* (*the number of free licenses with each license purchase is limited to 10). Furthermore, a new pricing system has been set for number of licenses to purchase, in order to offer volume discounts to the customers who are introducing this on a company-wide basis.

One of FinalCode's most prominent security features is the ability to delete files remotely after they have been sent, and this along with the "Delete - Unauthorized Notification Option" will be available as standard, and will be free of charge. With this feature, an alert will be sent and the file will be automatically deleted remotely in the case of files being sent outside the company where there is the danger that the file could be leaked. This used to be an area that was very difficult to exercise governance, which now becomes simpler. Adding to this is the "Shared Folder Encryption Option," which is also a standard feature and free of charge. With it, FinalCode continuously monitors shared folders on the server and when a file is added to the shared folder it is automatically encrypted according to a set template. In this way file security can be maintained without the user needing to take to the extra step to encrypt files.

Furthermore, in FinalCode version 6, a new "Transmission Encryption Function" is included that protects files from the moment they are created. When a file is created and saved on an individual PC, or when a file is downloaded from the system, it is automatically encrypted. This way users will not need to know how to encrypt, which allows use by a more widespread group of users regardless of their level of IT literacy. Using the Transmission Encryption Function not only prevents improper taking out of files, but also creates an environment where individual users who create files do not possess any actual data on their personal computers.

Existing cloud services provided as part of FinalCode will now go under the name of "FinalCode@Cloud" and will be added to the lineup of the cloud service "DigitalArts@Cloud" following the web security service "i-FILTER@Cloud" the email security service "m-FILTER@Cloud," and features such as an "Integrated Simple Setup Screen" and an "Integrated Report Screen" are included as new standard-level features. When i-FILTER@Cloud and m-FILTER@Cloud are used in conjunction, files attached to e-mails are automatically encrypted when they are sent, and a log of any unauthorized access to files is centrally stored along with an incident log for web and e-mail, making it possible to uniformly manage the files.

FinalCode Ver.6 Overview

Price and Licensing System
FinalCode files now free of charge to browse-only, for company and organization users
Pricing system has been re-arranged, and a ladder format is used to set prices for number of licenses to purchase
There is a fixed price in place for company customers
There is a public license price in place for public and educational organizations
When purchasing for the cloud (SaaS), FinalCode@Cloud applies
When purchasing for on-premises (VA: Virtual Appliance), FinalCode Ver. 6 VA applies.
Functional aspects
Deletion / Improper Notification Function as a standard feature
For files sent outside the company or improperly taken out of the company, changes can be made remotely to browsing or editing privileges, or the file can be remotely deleted entirely, offering a full leak prevention solution.
Automatic encryption of shared folders as a standard feature
It is now possible to encrypt files simply by saving them to a shared folder on a server that has its encryption setting turned on, making file security even easier.
Transmission encryption function as a standard feature
Automatically encrypting files at the moment they are created or saved, or at the moment they are downloaded from the system, means that users do not have to worry about or be aware of the process. Also, once the files are encrypted their file extensions do not change, and the functionality of their linking with applications (links between files, shared functions, etc.) remain the same, and this way the files can use used just as they normally would.
Link with DigitalArts@Cloud (only for FinalCode@Cloud customers)
The "FinalCode" that was offered as version of SaaS has been renamed "FinalCode@Cloud" and newly added to the DigitalArts@Cloud lineup. When i-FILTER@Cloud and m-FILTER@Cloud are used in conjunction, files attached to e-mails are automatically encrypted, and an incident log for web and e-mail files is centrally stored.

Digital Arts plans to continue to strengthen the functionality of FinalCode in order to protect users from cyber-attacks and internal information leaks by allowing file traceability and the ability to delete files after they have already been sent. Doing this also boosts customers' business efficiency and contributes to ensuring the safety of important and classified files.

About FinalCode

FinalCode is a file encryption and tracking solution (file encryption software). It allows the simple limiting of which users and groups are able to browse files, so that even if a file were to leak its contents would not be visible. Also, changes to file restrictions, or even file deletion can be carried out remotely at any time, allowing files to be managed even after they have "left" the company. Users outside the company are able to use and exchange the files with FinalCode free of charge, which makes implementing it as a solution simple from a cost perspective, and this aspect has received positive reviews. FinalCode allows a company's precious information assets to be controlled as they move freely inside and outside the company, offering safety and peace of mind to companies who would otherwise be exposed to information leaks.
Digital Arts

Digital Arts is an information security manufacturer that deals with the provision of security software such as those for the web, mail, and files.

We are at a leading company for presenting Japanese web filtering software to the world for the first time at the dawn of the internet in 1998, and based on the knowledge we have gained we present cutting-edge information security products that implement measures against cyberattacks such as information leaks and targeted attacks.

While making use of our strength as a domestic manufacturer, we consistently provide every phase from product planning through development, sales, and support. Our web filtering database, which is the greatest level in Japan for supporting the foundation of products, and our technological strength, with patents acquired in 27 countries and areas of the world, are highly regarded. Our record of over 95% contract renewal rate is the proof of our high customer satisfaction.

Our product lineup, centered on the web security software "i-FILTER" that has over 50% market share in Japan, includes "i-Filter" for individuals and households, the email security software "m-FILTER," and the file encryption and tracking solution "FinalCode," so we can provide web security measures for the web, mail, and files in one stop.

Under the concept of "contributing to a more convenient, more comfortable, and safer internet life," Digital Arts continues to grow as a company that is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and that is trusted by all stakeholders.
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