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September 8, 2020
Digital Arts Inc.

[September Webinars] Explaining the Television Series "Hanzawa Naoki" from the Perspective of Information Security
- Discussing a wide range of topics from the latest required security measures for companies to the safe use of the internet at educational institutions and home -

Information security solution provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts"; Code 2326) will be holding webinars that delve into the TV series "Hanzawa Naoki" from the perspective of information security and discuss the latest information security measures for businesses and educators. Digital Arts looks forward to having you join our content packed September webinars.

A must-see for companies who want to put an end to their days of worrying about information leaks - Find out what the security measures are for the latest threats to your information.

Gaining much popularity in its last season, the TV series "Hanzawa Naoki" has been attracting attention for its presentation of information security measures at financial institutions. In a dialogue style format, Digital Arts' product manager will be delving into the most notable scenes of "Hanzawa Naoki" and explaining them from the perspective of information security measures for businesses. In addition, Digital Arts plans on giving viewers of the webinar the chance to go in the draw to receive "FinalCode®"-a book explaining our file security product "FinalCode" that's easier to understand even for newcomers- as a "thank you gift." Furthermore, we will be highlighting the countermeasures against "Emotet," a famous piece of malware that has reemerged and primarily preys on prominent companies, as well as be hosting sponsor webinars that look at recent web and e-mail security measures.

Showcasing security measures for when using home devices in conjunction with the GIGA School Program

Aimed at educational institutions, these webinars will explain everything from information literacy classes and how to use "i-FILTER" to security issues when using home tablets in conjunction with the GIGA School Program to implement BYOD (bring your own device).

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9 (Wed)
What Is the Reemerging Malware Emotet?
What Is Different Between Current and Past Trends, and What Are Its Countermeasures?
10 (Thu)
Web Security in the Era of the GIGA School Program (Digest Version)
15 (Tue)
Web Security in the Era of the GIGA School Program
(Implementation Example + Set Up Method Demo)
17 (Thu)
Information Security as Seen in the Drama "Hanzawa Naoki"!
- Highlighting Countermeasures for Each of the Most Notable Scenes -
18 (Fri)
[Digital Arts X F5]
Web Security Measures in the Age of Always-On SSL (Sponsored by F5)
- Full Explanation of How to Link "i-FILTER" and "F5 SSL Orchestrator" -
24 (Thu)
Achieve Security in BYOD with "i-FILTER"
- How to Achieve the Safe and Secure Implementation of the GIGA school Program -
30 (Wed)
Information Literacy Class for School Staff
< Protect Students from Internet Dangers >
30 (Wed)
E-Mail Security Measures Using "m-FILTER@Cloud" and Its Configuration Examples to Highlight Issues in Microsoft 365

File security product "FinalCode"

Home Filtering Software "i-FILTER for Consumers"

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Since its founding in 1995 the company philosophy has been "Contributing to a safer, better, more convenient internet lifestyle" and since developing web filtering software to prevent the browsing of harmful information on the internet, the company has been promoting internet security products to companies, the public sector and homes everywhere.
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