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January 27, 2021
Digital Arts Inc.

"ZIP Encryption Circumvention" Feature Now Available in E-Mail Security Cloud Service
- Realizing the prevention of information leakage and external attacks with efficient and robust file sending and receiving -

Information security solutions provider Digital Arts, Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; Securities Code 2326) is pleased to announce that its new efficient and secure ZIP Encryption Circumvention feature that acts as a substitute when sending and receiving password-protected ZIP files, a function made possible by the linking of its e-mail security cloud service m-FILTER@Cloud and file security cloud service FinalCode@Cloud, is now available.

Warns of PPAP Security Risks Urgent Measures for the Sending and Receiving of Files

In November of 2020, Takuya Hirai, minister for digital transformation, announced a policy to abolish the use of the PPAP method of sending encrypted ZIP files by e-mail and sending the password in a later, separate e-mail in Japan's Cabinet Office and Cabinet Secretariat. PPAP has been used in Japan to protect information when sending files outside companies. However, in recent years, it has been found to have security risks.

PPAP has security risks in both sending and receiving e-mails. There is the risk of leakage when sending when a file is leaked due to it being sent to an incorrect e-mail recipient, and the risk of attack when receiving when encrypted ZIP files are abused. In particular, attacks that use high-level encryption-skirting methods, such as Emotet and Iced ID, have been seen to even bypass anti-virus software and cause malware-induced damage. As a result, many believe that it is time to review practices.

Digital Arts has long warned of the risks of PPAP because of these reasons. Through our e-mail security product m-FILTER Ver. 5 and file-security product FinalCode Ver. 6, we have provided measures to protect files themselves and ensure the safe reception of e-mails.

In the cloud version of our products, we provide passwordless automatic encryption when sending e-mails and forced ZIP file inspection when receiving e-mails.

For the first time, Digital Arts will be offering both of these products at an affordable price as a connected ZIP Encryption Circumvention feature to customers who are worried about the risks of using PPAP. As optional features, the file encryption/tracking features of FinalCode@Cloud will be linked to the secure features of our e-mail security cloud service m-FILTER@Cloud and operate when an e-mail is being sent or received. This enables efficient and safe sending/receiving of files to be made possible and measures against information leakage and external attacks to be effectively implemented.

ZIP Encryption Circumvention m-FILTER@Cloud x FinalCode@Cloud Linked Option

E-mail sending features: Automatically encrypt passwordless files
FinalCode@Cloud automatically locks attachments of e-mails being sent with passwordless encryptions and gives access exclusively to the recipient, preventing file leakage. In addition, as the file can be deleted later, it is also possible to take measures against file transfer and leakage.
E-mail receiving features: Encrypted ZIP file forced inspections
The ZIP encrypted file attached to the received mail is forcibly inspected and only files that are confirmed secure are received.
Additionally, with the standard functions of m-FILTER@Cloud, such as strong sender identification and attachment countermeasure features in addition to encrypted ZIP files, this feature also contains countermeasures against external attacks from malware such as Emotet and IcedID.

What is Digital Arts' ZIP Encryption Circumvention?

Feature overview:

A strong attachment encryption option with m-FILTER@Cloud and FinalCode@Cloud

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