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Digital Arts adds certificate issuance feature to its IDaaS product StartIn, available from June 2024.
— —Enhance security and reduce workload with certificate-based device authentication— —

Information security solutions provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts"; Code 2326) is pleased to announce that it will add a device certificate issuance feature to its IDaaS product StartIn, available from June 2024.

Authentication with Device Certificates That Can Confirm the "Legitimacy of a Device" Is Important as Security Risks Increase

With more people working remotely these days, there are more opportunities to access cloud services used for work from outside the office. As a result, security risks, such as unauthorized access by malicious third parties and information leaks, are increasing.

In light of these issues, the Telework Security Guidelines*1 issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications recommend the implementation of multi-factor authentication and strict authentication of devices using digital certificates. In addition, since many recent man-in-the-middle attacks*2 have been reported to be able to break through multi-factor authentication, the combined use with device certificates is getting attention for allowing connection to the network only after confirming the legitimacy of the device.

Issuance and Revocation of Device Certificates Can Be Managed with StartIn

StartIn has realized safe and secure ID management for cloud services since its launch in September 2023 by providing not only ID management and single sign-on, but also multi-factor authentication features, such as location-based authentication using GPS and third-party authentication that authenticates users with the approval of a third party (e.g. superior).

With the new certificate issuance feature, in addition to the existing multi-factor authentication, device authentication with device certificates can be realized. Moreover, device certificates can be issued and revoked all in one place on the StartIn management screen. This is expected to enhance security and reduce workload.

As the certificate issuance feature comes as standard, and each StartIn license includes the issuance of one device certificate (one certificate is included), only a monthly fee is required*3. Thus, access to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and various other cloud services can be restricted to devices with device certificates installed. Even in the event that you lose a device, if multiple certificates are issued for a single license, you can revoke the device certificate only for the lost device. Therefore, there are no usage restrictions on other devices and business interruption is minimized. In addition, you can purchase and manage device certificates all from StartIn — no other software is necessary — as with the previous version.

Price for StartIn

StartIn is available at a standard price of 300 yen per month (excl. consumption tax). It is also offered at a set price of 150 yen per month (excl. consumption tax) for users who purchase it with or are already using the DigitalArts@Cloud products.
The new certificate issuance feature will be offered with one certificate included in the standard price.*3
*1 Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Telework Security Guidelines 5th Edition (May 2021)"

*2 Man-in-the-middle attack: An attack that interrupts the middle of communications between two parties through hacking to eavesdrop on or alter communication. In a man-in-the-middle attack that attempts to break the multi-factor authentication, there is a fake website between the user and the legitimate website. The ID and password entered on the fake website are sent to the legitimate website, where the security code is delivered to the user. The security code is then entered again into the fake website, allowing the attacker to steal the account information.

*3 If multiple certificates are needed, they can be purchased separately as an option.

*4 Requires an annual contract.
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