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Passkey-based passwordless authentication feature added to the IDaaS product StartIn
— —Improving convenience and security, the new feature will be available from March 18, 2024— —

 Information security solutions provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; hereinafter referred to as “Digital Arts”; Code 2326) is pleased to announce that it will add a new feature that enables password-less authentication using “passkeys” (multi-device compatible FIDO authentication credentials), which have been recently growing in popularity, to its IDaaS product StartIn from March 18, 2024.

As Password Authentication Becomes an Ever-Growing Issue, the Concept of “Passwordless” Gains Attention

 While password-based authentication is common across most cloud services, password management tends to become more complicated as the number of services used increases. As a result, password-based authentication presents challenges in its convenience and security, such as cyber-attacks targeting vulnerabilities caused by improper password management.
 As such, passkeys that provide password-less authentication have been garnering attention as a replacement for traditional passwords.
 Passkeys are an authentication method based on FIDO, a technical specification spearheaded by the NGO Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance. They use biometric information, such as fingerprints and faces, and PIN numbers to verify the identity of the user of the device, and authenticate the user based on the results. This reduces the risk of unauthorized use of credentials by outside sources and increases resistance to brute force attacks and phishing attempts.
 In addition, the convenience of not having to create or memorize new passwords for each and every service or system has been touted as one of the most popular aspects of passkeys. Companies that provide consumer services, such as Microsoft, Apple and Google, in particular have increasingly been incorporating them into their products.

About Passwordless Authentication with the New Passkey Feature

 While an increase in IDs and passwords for cloud services reduces convenience, StartIn enables users to log in to multiple services with a single login by centralizing IDs and passwords through single sign-on. Additionally, StartIn has achieved safe and secure ID management for cloud services by providing strengthened security measures such as secure multi-factor authentication features. These include location-based authentication using GPS and third-party authentication that authenticates users with the approval of a third party (e.g. superiors).

 With the new passkey authentication feature, users can now log in to various services from StartIn using the same methods to unlock their OS (e.g., FaceID on an iPhone), enabling password-less authentication. This is expected to further improve convenience. Authentication by a passkey is also an excellent anti-phishing measure to improve security.

 In addition, passkeys can be used in combination with multi-factor authentication such as location-based authentication and third-party authentication, which are current features in StartIn, and furthermore, authentication by device certificate, which will release in June. This will provide a stronger and more secure world.

StartIn Pricing

 StartIn is available at a standard price of 300 yen per month (excl. consumption tax). It is also offered at a set price of 150 yen per month (excl. consumption tax) for users who purchase it with or are already using the DigitalArts@Cloud products.
 The new passkey feature is included as a standard feature.
Digital Arts Inc. Overview
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