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Digital Arts enhances its web security product i-FILTER's school features
— — New feature hides thumbnails of YouTube videos unrelated to learning to support video-based learning on GIGA School Program devices — —

Information security solutions provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts"; Code 2326) is pleased to announce that it has added a feature to the Web Service Controls of its web security product i-FILTER and i-FILTER@Cloud GIGA School Edition (hereinafter referred to as the "i-FILTER series") that can hide the thumbnails of YouTube videos.

Improving Web Service Controls to Tackle the Issue of Video-Based Learning on GIGA School Program Devices

Under the second phase of the GIGA School Program (GIGA Phase 2), where large-scale device updates will start this fiscal year, further promotion of learning using technology is required. One of the tech-based learning methods under the program is video-based learning. The method is expected to be used in a variety of situations because it has many benefits that include the ability for students to pursue their own learning and interests by themselves regardless of place or time, as well as making it easier for students to retain knowledge through visual learning. However, the method also comes with issues such as viewing inappropriate content and use late into the night.

In response, Digital Arts has added a new feature to the Web Service Controls of its web security product series, i-FILTER, that hides the thumbnails of YouTube videos unrelated to learning, in order to prevent the inappropriate use of devices.

Strict Web Filtering to Ensure That Only Videos Necessary for Learning Are Viewed

The i-FILTER series is used by approximately 59%*1 of boards of education that have installed paid filtering, and is the first piece of security software in Japan to be recommended by the Japan National PTA Council. The Web Service Controls, which provide detailed controlling of individual features on social media and other web-based services, allow users to select whether to allow or block the viewing of YouTube videos*2 unrelated to learning and videos by official channels belonging to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and local governments. They can be flexibly set up in line with educational policies.

The newly added setting that can hide thumbnails was implemented in response to requests from i-FILTER series users in the education sector who want to provide a safe environment for video-based learning. Hiding thumbnails of videos for entertainment purposes prevents the autoplay of video thumbnail previews and provides students with a more optimal environment to focus on their learning. Thumbnails can be hidden or shown with a single click from the management screen, giving users more control over their students' YouTube usage than ever before.
Digital Arts will continue to develop features and improve services that meet the demands of education providers and contribute to the furtherance of independent learning using technology.

*1 Results of interviews with boards of education who have implemented filters (based on our research as of the end of September 2023)
*2 Individual settings for other channels and videos can also be set by registering the channel or video IDs.
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