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Digital Arts launches i-FILTER@Cloud with enhanced CASB functionality on April 3
— As a next-generation SWG, CASB functionality will be improved to prevent shadow IT and information leaks by visualizing and controlling the use of cloud services —

Information security solutions provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts"; Code 2326) is pleased to announce that it will launch its cloud-based web security service i-FILTER@Cloud, on April 3, with enhanced CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) functionality that visualizes and controls the use of cloud services.

With increasing use of cloud services, CASBs are becoming more important as a countermeasure against shadow IT and as a measure to manage sanctioned IT

The use of cloud services, including online storage and social networking services, is expanding with the spread of digitization and teleworking. While cloud services are highly convenient, some companies do not allow the use of such services for security reasons, such as information leaks. Shadow IT refers to IT equipment and services which are used by employees although they are not under the control of the company. If an employee uses a shadow IT, there can be information leaks, malware infections, and other security incidents. In addition, it is important for companies to grasp and manage whether sanctioned IT is being used appropriately, even though it is approved for use by the company. Companies are required to prevent shadow IT and manage sanctioned IT. In recent years, CASBs, which can visualize and control the use of cloud services, have become even more important.

Enhanced CASB functionality of i-FILTER@Cloud to visualize and control the use of cloud services as a next-generation SWG

Digital Arts offers i-FILTER@Cloud, its cloud-based web security service. By utilizing the database of URLs collected by i-FILTER@Cloud over the years, Digital Arts has acquired whitelisting features that allows users access only to websites that it deems safe. As such, the ICT environment for 11 million users *1 has been protected from known and unknown malware threats, and no malware infection report*2 has been received to date. In response to the growing demand for a wide range of security measures that cannot be taken by conventional products, Digital Arts aims to deploy its own next-generation SWG*3 that will add diverse functions to i-FILTER@Cloud, including antivirus, sandbox, and CASBs. In 2022, it added an Anti-Virus & Sandbox option that helps users download safe files from secure websites by checking the communication content for viruses and behavior.

i-FILTER@Cloud has long been equipped with a Web service control function, as a CASB functionality that can control the use of cloud services. CASBs are based on the concept of visualizing and controlling the use of cloud services and applying consistent security policies, with the requirement to have four functions: Visibility, Protection from Threats, Data Security, and Compliance. On this occasion, CASB functionality of i-FILTER@Cloud will be enhanced to improve its ability to visualize and control the use of cloud services. The enhancement of CASB functionality is part of the next-generation SWG that Digital Arts aims to deploy.

On April 3, Digital Arts will launch i-FILTER@Cloud with enhanced CASB functionality as a standard service that satisfies the four CASB requirements: Visibility, Protection from Threats, Data Security, and Compliance. Taking advantage of its strength as a purely domestic product, approximately 2,500 cloud services, mostly domestic cloud services frequently used in Japan, can now be controlled and the coverage will be expanded. The management screen is in Japanese. One of its features includes the ability to control each detailed action, such as Login, Write, Upload, and Screen Share. In addition, the use of cloud services can be monitored graphically. This functional enhancement will enable more robust countermeasures against shadow IT and information leaks as well as management for sanctioned IT.

While it has been necessary to check logs to grasp how cloud services are used, this enhancement will enable users to Visualize the usage status graphically. For Protection from Threats, the use of unauthorized accounts and unauthorized cloud services will be restricted, in addition to that conventional i-FILTER@Cloud has detected malware. In terms of Data Security, it will detect uploads of ZIP files with a password and the like, which can be used for unauthorized removal. For Compliance, it will enable users to control cloud services by actions such as Login, Write, Upload, and Screen Share.

Each function of i-FILTER@Cloud, which satisfies the four CASB requirements, will be further enhanced in the future.

Details of CASB functionality of i-FILTER@Cloud

Target product: i-FILTER@Cloud Standard Edition
Price: 500JPY per month (excluding consumption tax) *CASB functionality is included as a standard service of i-FILTER@Cloud


i-FILTER@Cloud is a cloud-based web security service. In addition to a filtering feature that restricts viewing harmful information and websites unrelated to business, it also prevents external attacks and internal information leaks. Its database covering URLs searchable in Japan blocks access to dangerous websites and unknown threats, creating an environment in which only websites determined to be safe by Digital Arts can be accessed.

*1 The number of users of i-FILTER Ver. 10, m-FILTER Ver. 5, i-FILTER@Cloud and m-FILTER@Cloud as of January 2023 (internal research)
*2 The number of i-FILTER Ver. 10, m-FILTER Ver. 5, i-FILTER@Cloud and m-FILTER@Cloud users as of January 2023 and number of malware infection reports sent by users (internal research)
*3 SWG (Secure Web Gateway): A gateway (network relay point) with multiple security functions added to a proxy
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