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May 15, 2017
Digital Arts Inc.

i-FILTER® Collaborates with A10 SSL Insight for
Higher Visibility of Encrypted SSL Traffic
~Now available with dedicated SSL decode appliance
to prevent cyberattacks on SSL communication and reduce network load~

TOKYO, Japan (May 15, 2017) – Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; “Digital Arts”; Code 2326), a leading provider of information security software, announced the immediate release of a new collaborative solution that brings together i-FILTER, a web filtering software to prevent data leakage and drive internal control, and an SSL Insight product by A10 Networks, K.K. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Japan office CEO and US Office VP: Toru Kawaguchi; “A10”).

In an age where we hear frequent incidents of multi-faceted cyber-attacks, most companies today use HTTPS (SSL) encryption to protect important assets against security threats, such as login pages that require ID and passwords, websites that send and receive personal identifiable information (PII), or best yet, some may elect to encrypt their entire web site. Persistent SSL encryption secures all information contained in the website, which can enhance website reliability and safe traffic.

The drawback of encrypted SSL communication is that it makes it very challenging for enterprises to detect the contents. This can easily become a loophole to leak information out of the organization, such as an employee manipulating critical files and uploaded onto online storages. Decoding SSL communication is essential to effectively control web services. While the risk of such “hidden threats” are evident, SSL traffic on the whole is on the rise as more people and enterprises utilize cloud services for their day-to-day business activities.

While FireEye is an effective solution against targeted attacks, callback communications were not detected on FireEye’s sandbox solution alone. i-FILTER’s new collaboration with A10’s dedicated appliance triggers the sync module to automatically register C&C server callback communication (in SSL) to the i-FILTER database, which is then instantly blocked. This is a comprehensive solution to stop web-based multi-faceted and advanced threats from stealing enterprise information.

i-FILTER x A10 collaboration showcases Thunder CFW, A10’s high-performance security platform with features to realize higher visibility of SSL communication, and it’s dedicated appliance, Thunder SSLi. Both solutions leverages on a unique OS to ensure high performance and compatibility to comprehensive encryption algorithms.

How i-FILTER and Thunder Series work together

How i-FILTER and Thunder Series work together

About A10 Networks
A10 Networks, Inc. (NYSE: ATEN), established in 2004 and based in San Jose, California, pioneers in a new generation of application networking technologies, enabling enterprises to accelerate, secure and optimize the performance of their data center applications and network. A10 Network, K.K. is a subsidiary of A10 Networks based in Tokyo, Japan, committed to provide innovative application networking solutions that meet various client needs. For more information, visit A10 Network official website.
About i-FILTER
i-FILTER, a web filtering software protecting organizations from serious data loss and stop internet abuse, holds top market share for Japanese web filter software for FY2015 (ITR Market View: Cyber Security market 2016 by ITR). i-FILTER leverages the largest domestic web filtering database and a patented filtering technology ZBRAIN to limit employee access to sites that are inappropriate and malicious. i-FILTER is also an effective solution for corporate internal control by stopping material information leak via employees using webmail and writing on social newsgroups and message boards, and providing features to record, confirm and store these contents. i-FILTER has been deployed by over 7,300 corporate and public-sector entities and over 31,000 schools and education institutions. (as of March 2016).
About Digital Arts Inc.
Digital Arts, Inc. is a provider of information security products with a unique patented web filtering technology at its core. It plan, develops, sells and supports internet security products on its own, while also delivering added value as the first Japanese manufacturer to launch a web filtering software in the industry. Digital Arts is highly recognized for its most comprehensive domestic web filtering database and its unique filtering technology patented in 27 countries and regions around the world. Digital Arts has become the top domestic supplier of web filter software i-FILTER (corporate and public-sectors), i-FILTER for Consumer, and i-FILTER Browser & Cloud. Other product lineup includes m-FILTER, a gateway email security software for corporations, m-FILTER MailAdviser, a client email anti-misdelivery software, D-SPA, a secure proxy appliance solution, and FinalCode, the ultimate password-less file encryption and tracking solution.
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