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“i-FILTER for Business” is the No.1 web filtering software.

“i-FILTER for Business” is server-based web filtering software. Control and monitor web access, completely secure your outbound and inbound traffic, and protect against data breaches with one program.

Our filtering products are backed by a high quality URL database as well as our patented filtering technology “ZBRAIN”.

i-FILTER for Business <Web Filtering Software> Market share/Quality of filtering-database/Customer Satisfaction No.1
  • *1 Mic Research Institute LTD in May 2012, Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. in July 2012, and ITR Corporation in August 2012 each placed market share for Japan at number one. (Source: ITR “ITR Market View: Security marketplace in Japan for 2012”, URL filtering market share per vendor in Japan for 2011, based on the value of shipments)
  • *2 Based on the findings of Veriserve Corporation in March 2013
  • *3 Based on the findings of IID, Inc. in April 2012


Control and monitor web access
Control and monitor web access
Digital Arts provides an easy interface and simple options for a variety of user needs. The interface is designed to help administrators flexibly respond to events by easily modifying settings.
Completely secure your outbound traffic
Completely secure your outbound traffic
“i-FILTER for Business” is the first web filtering software to include information in its database to block traffic from malware-infected computers.
Protect against data leaks
Protect against data breaches
Block data leaks by preventing employees from posting confidential information to public websites uploading files by internal malicious users . With i-FILTER, it's possible to allow access of daily use websilte, but block unapproved posting. Administrators could also set up other more granular restrictions, such as confirming the content of social media messages before they are uploaded.

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