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May 17, 2019
Digital Arts Inc.

Chat@Cloud, a chat function that provides fully secure intra-company communications in a fully secure environment, is set to be released in early summer, 2019. It will be added to the new DigitalArts@Cloud lineup, and will offer intra-company communications with a high level of safety while also boosting productivity.

Information security solution provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshio Dogu, hereinafter referred to as "Digital Arts", Code 2326) is set to offer a secure solution for intra-company communications that improves both safety and productivity in the form of a chat function called "Chat@Cloud." The service will start in summer of 2019, and will be added to the lineup of "DigitalArts@Cloud*1," a cloud-based security service which prevents external targeted attacks via web and e-mail, as well as preventing risks of information leaks from inside companies.

Companies are facing a continued increase in cyber-attacks year by year, and of those, 98%*2 of attacks from external sources arrive via e-mail. Especially in recent years, these cyber-attacks are becoming more advanced. Many come in the form of business e-mail scams and identity fraud schemes, and as such employees need to be able to distinguish for themselves which of these are dangerous. This applies to e-mails originating both inside and outside the company. However, for companies and organizations that use e-mail as their main tool for outgoing and incoming communications, having to be wary of every e-mail takes precious time and is a direct hindrance to productivity.

In this state of affairs and with the government's stated goal of changing how people work, telecommuting is becoming more common. In line with this, more companies and organizations are implementing business chat functions as a tool for intra-company communication, and Digital Arts is set to accommodate this by adding Chat@Cloud to the lineup of its secure cloud service DigitalArts@Cloud. With this addition, external communications are kept in a fully secure environment by the i-FILTER@Cloud and m-FILTER@Cloud security solutions for web and e-mail, while internal communications are handled by Chat@Cloud, combining to form a highly secure and more productive work environment.

The Cloud@Chat function includes not only the ability to chat by text, but also the ability to video chat and share desktops as well. It makes simple intra-company communication possible, so that employees can operate in the office in a free, open style with meetings, conferences and the like seeming effortless, while also boosting productivity. In addition, Chat@Cloud is planned to be offered as an option along with other Digital Arts products such as file security solution FinalCode.

About Chat@Cloud

Lineup name:
Text chat
Video chat
Desktop sharing
For current customers, the text chat feature will be provided free of charge.
The video chat and desktop sharing features will cost an additional fee.

To combat the ever-increasing threat from targeted attacks originating outside companies, and information leaks from inside, Digital Arts aims to boost defenses while also boosting product satisfaction. We will do this by offering safety and peace of mind to the network society by developing and offering faster and more extensive defense solutions for the web, e-mail and information assets.

  • *1 "DigitalArts@Cloud" is a cloud-based security service that offers i-FILTER ver. 10 for web security, and m-FILTER ver. 5 for e-mail security, which when combined bring access to the world without fear of cyber-attacks.
  • *2 Excerpted from IPA's "Measures against targeted attack threat"
About FinalCode

FinalCode is a file encryption and tracking solution (file encryption software). It allows the simple limiting of which users and groups are able to browse files, so that even if a file were to leak its contents would not be visible. Also, changes to file restrictions, or even file deletion can be carried out remotely at any time, allowing files to be managed even after they have "left" the company. Users outside the company are able to use and exchange the files with FinalCode free of charge, which makes implementing it as a solution simple from a cost perspective, and this aspect has received positive reviews. FinalCode allows a company's precious information assets to be controlled as they move freely inside and outside the company, offering safety and peace of mind to companies who would otherwise be exposed to information leaks.
Digital Arts

Digital Arts is an information security manufacturer that deals with the provision of security software such as those for the web, mail, and files.

We are at a leading company for presenting Japanese web filtering software to the world for the first time at the dawn of the internet in 1998, and based on the knowledge we have gained we present cutting-edge information security products that implement measures against cyberattacks such as information leaks and targeted attacks.

While making use of our strength as a domestic manufacturer, we consistently provide every phase from product planning through development, sales, and support. Our web filtering database, which is the greatest level in Japan for supporting the foundation of products, and our technological strength, with patents acquired in 27 countries and areas of the world, are highly regarded. Our record of over 95% contract renewal rate is the proof of our high customer satisfaction.

Our product lineup, centered on the web security software "i-FILTER" that has over 50% market share in Japan, includes "i-Filter" for individuals and households, the email security software "m-FILTER," and the file encryption and tracking solution "FinalCode," so we can provide web security measures for the web, mail, and files in one stop.

Under the concept of "contributing to a more convenient, more comfortable, and safer internet life," Digital Arts continues to grow as a company that is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and that is trusted by all stakeholders.
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