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April 12, 2021
Digital Arts Inc.

Digital Arts' cloud security services join the new "SmartConnect Network & Security" lineup
–Supporting zero trust security measures with "whitelisting" external attack countermeasures–

Information security solutions provider Digital Arts Inc. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshio Dogu; securities code 2326) is pleased to announce that its web and e-mail security service "i-FILTER@Cloud" and "m-FILTER@Cloud" will be added to NTT SmartConnect's "SmartConnect Network & Security" (headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Shuji Akiyama) service as part of a new lineup on April 12, 2021.

With the spread of COVID-19, business environments and ways of conducting business have changed drastically. Furthermore, remote work has quickly become the norm. As a result, opportunities to use in-house systems and public clouds from home have increased, consequentially raising the demand for "zero trust security*2" over conventional "peripheral security*1."

In line with a shift towards cloud platforms and changing work styles, Digital Arts has been providing web and e-mail security cloud services "i-FILTER@Cloud" and "m-FILTER@Cloud" since 2018. The cloud-based version of our web and e-mail security products "i-FILTER" Ver. 10 and "m-FILTER" Ver. 5—which utilize a whitelisting system based on the latest URL and secure e-mail sender databases—has been used in line with current business and work styles primarily as a security measure for businesses' remote work computers and schools' off-site learning devices.

In collaboration with NTT SmartConnect, these two products will be added to their "SmartConnect Network & Security" service as part of a new lineup. "SmartConnect Network & Security" is a cloud service based in one of the largest and most robust data centers in western Japan that meets the needs and demands of customers. By our products joining this services' lineup, we have made it possible for customers to use NTT SmartConnect's "SmartConnect Network & Security" service together with our "i-FILTER@Cloud" and "m-FILTER@Cloud" services. Taking advantage of the turbulent times, both cyberattacks and the threat of unknown attacks have rapidly increased since last year. Through this collaboration with NTT SmartConnect, we believe that we will be able to support the remote work security measures of more customers.

NTT SmartConnect's "SmartConnect Network & Security"

NTT SmartConnect is a cloud service based in one of the largest and most robust data centers in western Japan that meets the needs and demands of customers and offers a lineup of services that meet the needs and usages of various industries and businesses.


Mr. Shuji Akiyama, President of the NTT SmartConnect CORPORATION

We sincerely look forward to working with Digital Arts Inc and their products "i-FILTER@Cloud" and "m-FILTER@Cloud". Through this collaboration, we will work together with Digital Arts to support the remote work security measures of more customers.


Providing a secure internet environment with cloud services through whitelisting, a feature that only allows access to websites that are judged to be safe.

Covers websites that can be searched in Japan, allows access only to URLs that have been confirmed to be safe by Digital Arts, and blocks all URLs that cannot be confirmed to be safe or dangerous unknown URLs with whitelisting DB.
Registering URLs required for business in advance and setting access permission/non-permission by filtering according to the operation rules of your organization or company is also possible.
Removes the need for burdensome administrative tasks such as URL maintenance, and the anxiety and hassle customers feel around security.


Providing a secure e-mail environment with cloud services through whitelisting, a feature that only allows through e-mails that are judged to be safe.

This e-mail security product collects a combination of secure "IP address" and "e-mail domains," and can only receive e-mails from senders that are determined to be secure.
Discerns and isolates e-mails with forged sender addresses, attachments, and text.
The e-mails can be rendered harmless by deleting attachments and invalidating links, etc. and can isolate networks.


  • *1 Perimeter security are security measures such as firewalls, IPS, IDS, etc. that create a protective wall at the boundary between the outside and the inside.
  • *2 Zero trust security is a security measure based on the concept of monitoring all communications equally suspiciously, without distinguishing between inside and outside of the network.
Digital Arts, Inc. Overview
Digital Arts, Inc. is an information security solution provider focused on the development and sales of security software for web, e-mail, files and others.
Since its founding in 1995 the company philosophy has been "Contributing to a safer, better, more convenient internet lifestyle" and since developing web filtering software to prevent the browsing of harmful information on the internet, the company has been promoting internet security products to companies, the public sector and homes everywhere.
  • * DIGITAL ARTS, i-FILTER, info board, ARS, Active Rating System, ACTIVE RATING, ZBRAIN, D-SPA, SP-Cache, NET FILTER, White Web, m-FILTER, m-FILTER MailFilter, m-FILTER Archive, m-FILTER Anti-Spam, m-FILTER File Scan, Mail Detox, FinalCode, i-FILTER, DigitalArts@Cloud, Chat@Cloud, D Alert, D Content, and related logos and icons are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digital Arts Inc. FinalCode is a registered trademark of FinalCode, Inc.
  • * Other corporate and product names are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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