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Today, every aspect of our lives are connected to the internet, which makes maintaining internet safety is more important than ever. Since its inauguration, Digital Arts has led the way in creating information security solutions, notably web filtering and email filtering that prevent dangers related to internet access ahead of time and file encryption and tracking solutions that protect important information contained in files. These products are supplied to the corporate, public-sector (government ministries and agencies and schools) and consumer markets.
Digital Arts handles the product planning and development to sales and support on its own and has established operations to promptly address the needs of customers, including quick provision of support, software version updates, and web filtering databases. It has become the top domestic supplier of web filtering software thanks to favorable response to its provision of one of the largest domestic web filtering databases and technology capabilities that enabled it to acquire patent approval in 27 countries and regions.

Enterprise Sector
The rise of cyber threats, notably targeted attacks focused on specific companies and organizations, is a serious issue that businesses face today. Web filtering software i-FILTER not only stops leaks of confidential information by advanced cyber attacks, but also helps maintain operational efficiency by limiting private internet use in the workplace. D-SPA is a “domestic” proxy appliance product that is easily installed, and realizes improved efficiency for web access and serves as a platform for web filtering, HTTP virus scans, and security solutions.
i-FILTER Browser & Cloud is a web filtering software for smart devices that curtails private usage and prevents information leaks. It is a cloud-based service that does not require a dedicated server, perfect for today’s corporations dealing with diverse devices where more employees take corporate smartphones, tablets and laptops out of the office.
No business today is viable without email. m-FILTER is an email filtering software that realizes diverse and reliable measures to prevent mistaken mail transmissions and offers secure message storage and management features.
What if someone steals internal files with material information and posts them on the internet? FinalCode is a password-less encryption and tracking solution that protects (encrypts) important files, provides excellent traceability, and facilitates remote deletion even after the file is distributed. Digital Arts takes these products and offers them as a complete range of information security solution to accelerate and expand its business in the corporate market.
Public Sector
Government policies has pushed the use of internet and enforce cyber safety in government ministries/agencies, local governments, and public elementary, junior and senior high schools across the nation.
As with corporations, web filtering i-FILTER and email filtering m-FILTER are products that solve most internet-related issues in educational institutions where more faculties and students are using computers in the classrooms. Government ministries/agencies and local governments that requires enhanced security to prevent leaks of personnel information can take advantage of security solutions tailored especially for the private-sector needs.
Consumer Sector
With over 80% of households having access to the internet, children connecting to the cyber world is prevalent today. However, there are also rising concerns behind the convenience of internet, such as number of inappropriate websites and incidents leading to cyber bullying and cyber crime.
i-FILTER for Consumers is a web filtering software for home use to effectively filter computers, game players, and internet-TVs to realize a fun and safe internet experience. i-FILTER for iOS and i-FILTER for Android blocks harmful websites on smartphones, and the new i-FILTER for Multi-Device runs on multiple operating systems using one serial ID.