Investor Relations


  Cash Dividends per Share Payout Ratio
  Interim Year End Total
FY ending Mar 2024 (forecast) 40.00yen 40.00yen 80.00yen 31.6%
FY ending Mar 2023 (actual) 35.00yen 40.00yen 75.00yen 34.4%
FY ending Mar 2022 (actual) 30.00yen 40.00yen 70.00yen 33.9%
FY ending Mar 2021 (actual) 25.00yen 30.00yen 55.00yen 37.4%
FY ending Mar 2020 (actual) 25.00yen 25.00yen 50.00yen 44.0%
FY ended Mar 2019 (actual) 18.00yen 30.00yen 48.00yen 34.0%
FY ended Mar 2018 (actual) 14.00yen 14.00yen 28.00yen 30.3%
FY ended Mar 2017 (actual) 10.00yen 14.00yen 24.00yen 29.7%
FY ended Mar 2016 (actual) 7.00yen 8.00yen 15.00yen 38.2%
FY ended Mar 2015 (actual) 5.00yen 9.00yen 14.00yen 36.6%
FY ended Mar 2014 (actual) 4.00yen 4.00yen 8.00yen 27.8%
FY ended Mar 2013 (actual) 300.00yen 500.00yen 800.00yen 24.9%
FY ended Mar 2012 (actual) 600.00yen 600.00yen 26.5%
FY ended Mar 2011 (actual) 450.00yen 450.00yen 15.8%
  • *1 Year-end dividends for FY ended Mar 2016 reflects the revision resolution to dividend forecast passed on March 23, 2016.
  • *2 Year-end dividends for FY ended Mar 2015 includes 4 yen to commemorate DA 20th anniversary.
    Year-end dividends for FY ended Mar 2014 includes 200 yen to commemorate the listing to TSE First Section.
    Year-end dividends for FY ended Mar 2013 includes 150 yen to commemorate the listing to TSE.
  • *3 Effective April 1 2013, DA has split its stocks at 100-for-1 ordinary stocks for shareholders as of March 31 2013. Dividends for FY ending Mar 2011, FY ending Mar 2012 and FY ending Mar 2013 are actual dividends paid before the said stock split.