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What is DigitalArts@Cloud?

Installation No.1*
Providing web security and email security in the cloud

DigitalArts@Cloud provides i-FILTER Ver. 10, the web security product with the No. 1 installation record, and the mail security product "m-FILTER" Ver. 5 on the cloud. Through this solution, it will be possible to realize a world where you can use the internet and mail without hesitation.

  • *  Mic Research Institute LTD in November 2017, and Fuji Chimera Research Institute in October 2018 each placed market share for Japan at number one. (Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute “Network Security Business 2018 Comprehensive Research Report”)

Three values for introduction

Value 01
Browse securely without having to make a conscious effort of deciding which websites and email are safe.
Attacks that cannot be identified by human eyes, can still be prevented by "i-FILTER" Ver. 10 and "m - FILTER" Ver. 5 are automatically made harmless. It covers both countermeasure against attack from outside the company and countermeasures against leakage from inside the company with one product, and it demonstrates overwhelming cost performance.
Value 02
You can immediately check security incidents of the internet and e-mail.
Attack targeting the gap between the internet and the e-mail, access to which is essential for business. With "DigitalArts @ Cloud", you can monitor any possibility of external attacks on the internet and e-mail and the possibility of data leakage from within the company on a single screen on the integrated report screen.
Value 03
Being a cloud service, a server is unnecessary. Operations can commence in 3 steps.
Being a cloud service, a server is unnecessary. Operations can commence in 3 steps, with the most common settings of "i-FILTER" and "m-FILTER" already set, as well as setting up the basic settings of the Integrated Simple Setting screen.

What you can do with this product

It will realize a world where the internet and e-mails can be opened without hesitation through the cloud solution.

As internet and e-mail services are being provided as a cloud based service, there was a strong demand for i-FILTER and m-FILTER to be able to be provided as a cloud service. With the introduction of this service, customers will be able to use the latest version as a cloud service, allowing companies of any size to deploy and operate easily security measures against attack from the outside and prevention of data leakage from within the organisation.

Currently, cloud mail environments such as "Office 365" and "G Suite" are becoming increasingly popular."m-FILTER@Cloud" is a cloud version of "m-FILTER" Ver. 5, which will make it easier to implement and improve mail security, especially in the cloud e-mail environment.

Also, if you have already implemented "Mail Archive" with "Office 365" or "G Suite", you can use "m-FILTER@Cloud MailFilter & Anti-Spam" specialized for mail security as the standard "m-FILTER@Cloud " at a lower price.

  1.  External attack countermeasures such as public webpage attacks and countermeasures against information leakage on the internet are realized with one product
  2.  An innovative DB realizes safe operation
  3.  Does not disturb workflow, high coverage rate of search engines

White Web

How to communicate only to "secure web"

"White Web" is a mechanism for blocking communication to URLs of unknown threat sites with a Web filtering DB that enables safe operation to block access to URLs that are not category-determined. It encompasses the domestic sites displayed on the search site, making it possible to only "secure web access" without disturbing the web browsing of business.

  1.  External attack countermeasures such as targeted e-mail attack and business mail fraud and countermeasures against erroneous transmission are realized with one product
  2.  Non-intrusive solution that does not affect the present workflow
  3.  Industry's only patented function capable of analysing files with passwords

Mail Detox

How to receive only "secure mail"

"Mail Detox" carries out a camouflage judgment of "sender", "body", "extension of attached file" of received e-mail, and cooperates with "i-FILTER" URL in "body" or "attached file" Then, category judgment etc. are carried out, and a mail exceeding a specific threshold is regarded as target type mail and quarantined. Since only quarantine notification is sent to the client terminal, only "secure mail" is received at the terminal.
("Mail Detox" is patented)

Reduce the burden on security administrator

Server unnecessary, operation started in 3 steps
"i-FILTER" / "m-FILTER" has been finished and the basic settings are completed, basic settings can be set in the shortest 3 steps on the integrated simplified setting screen.
All-in-one integrated security
In addition to web and email security measures, it also supports malware countermeasures and endpoint security. Because end users can open all mails and webs safely and securely, employee security education becomes unnecessary.
Domestic production / Integrated manufacturing / Security specialized
Provide "development", "sales" and "support" of security products in a consistent system. We will respond one stop to product introduction, version upgrade, troubleshooting etc.
Usability that was polished in the domestic market
It has an intuitive operation management screen, where you can set the control settings (block/warning) for each department and each user with a simple button operation.(* Switching of management screen to English is also possible)

Integrated report screen

When access to an unauthorized site occurs, "Internet quarantine" which stops the Internet communication of the client is activated and an alert to the administrator is notified by e-mail. When an e-mail notification arrives, the administrator can grasp the incident situation from the "integrated report" and take appropriate measures.

Report Screen Incident Screen