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i-FILTER Browser & Cloud

“i-FILTER Browser” unifies management of
Web Filtering for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

For businesses, the use of a smart phone or a tablet as a computer has great potential. However, many companies worry about “maintaining safe web access” or “controlling the use of intellectual property”.

Web filtering service for Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Windows PC “i-FILTER Browser & Cloud” comes with “Anti-Data Leak”, “Out of Office Use Prohibition”, and “Access Reports” etc. With so many functions, installing this web filtering software on company devices can put your mind at ease.

i-FILTER for Business <Smart Device Web Filtering Service>


Active Rating System (Cloud Service)
Provides database as cloud service
A cloud-based service that does not require the installation of a new server, the Digital Arts managed ARS allows for everything from user management, filter settings management, access logs, etc. all in one system.
Note: ARS (Active Rating System) is maintained in the cloud environment and managed by Digital Arts to store the web filtering database, user configuration information, access logs, etc.
Outbound Traffic Filtering Database
Outbound Traffic Filtering Database
Filtering categories are based on the "i-FILTER Proxy Server" optimized for business clients, and provides safe and high-precision web filtering with high-speed decision-making, category classification settings that are easily sorted by purpose, white lists, as well as outbound traffic filtering for security threats.
Able to Filter on Wi-Fi Networks
Not depends on connection environment
It is able to filter traffic sent through Wi-Fi networks as well as conventional mobile phone networks.
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