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i-FILTER Ver.10 / m-FILTER Ver.5

i-FILTER Ver.10 / m-FILTER Ver.5 as the solution for targeted attacks

i-FILTER as the No.1 web filtering software and m-FILTER provide a completely new solution to combat targeted attacks

Today, targeted attacks against private and public sectors are becoming increasing complicated and more advanced so that even multiple layers of security protection in conjunction with several security products can be breached by new cyberattacks one after another.

Regardless of the company size or type of industry, having damages such as personal or classified information to be leaked or stolen will never cease.

Companies are emphasizing the importance of employees’ education and training but facing the ever-increasing costs and efforts for them.

Having both i-FILTER Ver.10 of web security and m-FILTER Ver.5 of Email security as a set provides solutions to challenges of high-level and multi-faceted targeted attacks by instantly blocking malware-directed web access as well as reducing multi-layer protection costs and employee education fees.

We strongly encourage you to experience our solutions that no one has ever reached.

Capabilities and features

Prevent both external attacks and internal data leakage at the same time.
Enhance the synergy effect between “i-FILTER” as the No.1 security software and “m-FILTER”, enabling both safety and efficiency by adding multiple functions.

Completely block email-based and external web application attacks.

Provide security features that protect against external attacks

External attacks include emails being sent to many and unspecified persons or malicious websites such as watering hole attack, which can be completely blocked by i-FILTER and m-FILTER being in use at the same time.

Continue to prevent internal data leakage.
Function to prevent internal data leakage.

Damage caused by internal leakage such as wrong transmission, poor management or malicious leakage of information should not be missed.

Updated versions of i-FILTER and m-MILTER can offer continued flexibility and excellent ease of use and prevent information leakage.


Control and monitor web access
i-FILTER and m-FILTER block:
  1.  fake, phishing and spoof emails,
  2.  fabricated attachment file extensions,
  3.  fabricated body texts sent from the disguised sources of emails,
  4.  macros of attachment files,
  5.  all malicious URLs not identified for the business use in a broad website world supported by i-FILTER,
  6.  access of standard emails through falsified email databases, by integrating with m-FILTER Ver.5, and
  7.  targeted attacks by utilizing multiple control structure.
i-FILTER and m-FILTER provide:
  1.  “Global Database” option to cover all regions nationwide and URLs in those languages, and
  2.  a new SSL APT Adapter option to enable analysis of malware communications through SSL.
Control and monitor web access
Protect data leak and drive internal control, by providing features to record, confirm and store the contents of email messages
  1.  Prevent erroneous email transmission or forgotten password for an attachment.
  2.  Provide safe archive during email audit or incident occurrences.
  3.  Control web accesses.
  4.  Maintain web access logs.