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Yazaki Corporation introduces FinalCode® as a solution to prevent the disclosure of confidential information that also reduces security operation steps
Fact-finding survey regarding mobile phone/smartphone use by minors
49.5% of high schoolers have online-only friends — Low level of awareness about dangers of "Selfie harm" etc.
Making protecting children's lives from danger a priority
i-FILTER® linked alert device to be offered as an option starting this summer
Chat@Cloud, a chat function that provides fully secure intra-company communications in a fully secure environment, is set to be released in early summer, 2019.
FinalCode® Ver.6 to become available on June 27. The functioRnality, price and licensing system have been drastically updated to offer stronger, more extensive file security management.
Digital Arts' "Hidden Dangers of Smartphones: Simulated Experience App" has been recognized as an official app in the "Smartphone applications to protect young people from internet trouble" campaign in Tokyo.
Around 50% of administrators answered that training against targeted e-mail attacks resulted in an increase in the time it took to open e-mails or web pages, negatively affecting business productivity.
Digital Arts Consulting begins to offer advisory service aimed at the implementation and usage of FIDO authentication solutions.
INNOMEDICS Medical Instruments, Inc. adopts "m-FILTER@Cloud" for Safe Email Operations
Tokyo City University Todoroki Junior and Senior High School adopt i-FILTER® Browser & Cloud

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