January 1, 2017
Digital Arts Inc.

New Year's Message from Digital Arts Inc. CEO

As we welcome a new year at Digital Arts, I would first like to express my deepest gratitude to our stakeholders-- we value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us.

Looking back at 2016, the Japanese economy continued to show moderate recovery while the social landscape in the overseas market saw heightened uncertainty as a result of several major events such as Brexit and the US Presidential elections. In the domestic security industry where Digital Arts Group engages its primary business, increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks compromised more corporations both small and large, and following a serious data loss incident by the Japan Pension Service, the public sector, notably local municipalities, rapidly drove initiatives to segregate networks. Corporate managers are coming onboard with the need to recognize information security as a key factor in risk management and are taking concrete actions towards implementing corporate-wide security measures. Targeted attacks, an epidemic at a global scale, are expected to continue to surge with an increasingly diverse range of targets. One incident of losing control over sensitive information leads not only to a loss of trust with customers and society at large, but it is also extremely costly to execute remedial actions, and requires substantial time to restore corporate credibility and reputation. Needless to say, one data security breach can have a devastating impact on business management. We anticipate domestic businesses to follow the global trend in placing more emphasis on preventive measures going forward.

In 2016 there was also tremendous buzz surrounding the practical application of innovative technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI, VR, and drones. While connecting a multitude of devices to the internet might be extremely convenient, cyber security is an unavoidable issue, as the risk of hacking and data loss accompanies internet connectivity. AI technologies have also recently gained attention to incorporate security products and services as a countermeasure against devious targeted cyber attacks.

As an information security provider, Digital Arts is committed to developing next-generation security solutions that incorporate new technologies in order to realize an IT society based on convenience, safety, and security, while continuing to provide an environment where our customers can have peace of mind when connecting to the internet. Having started our business in web filtering, Digital Arts today offers effective solutions to stop data loss from within through our mainstay web, email, and file security products, while continuing to expand to other regions in the world, extending our products and services to corporations and the public-sector in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

As from the previous year, we strive for excellence under the corporate slogan “Making domestic security solutions a global standard.” We continue to position ourselves to respond flexibly to demand from Japan and abroad, as the Digital Arts team comes together to meet the passion and expectations of our loyal customers. As we work to achieve these goals this year, we very much appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Toshio Dogu
Chief Executive Officer
Digital Arts Inc.

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