March 14, 2017
Digital Arts Inc.

Cyber Security Symposium in Dogo 2017

Digital Arts Inc. (“Digital Arts”) was a gold sponsor at the Cyber Security Symposium in Dogo 2017 held at the Shiki Memorial Museum in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, during the 2 days of February 23-24, 2017.

February being cyber security month, this symposium brought together nationwide cybersecurity experts to exchange latest information and opinions for the purpose of improving Japan’s security level and human resource development of Cyber Security in Shikoku. Lectures were given by prominent members in the frontline of the security industry. The Symposium floor bustled with government/municipality and enterprises from inside and outside the prefecture in addition to many security officers from academic institutions.

At the Digital Arts booth, the Company presented its array of security solutions by combining mainstay products i-FILTER (web filtering software that centralizes all internet access), m-FILTER (email security platform that neutralizes web mails), and FinalCode (persistent file encryption and tracking solution) to completely block sensitive data from ending up in the wrong hands. During the corporate PR session, Digital Arts introduced FinalCode that allows enterprises to delete files anytime anywhere, even in the unlikely event that sensitive information is taken out of the organization.

As an information security provider, Digital Arts continues to actively participate in similar seminars and exhibitions in hopes to contribute to the improvement of cyber security in Japan.

Corporate PR Session Digital Arts Booth
Corporate PR Session Digital Arts Booth

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